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New poll shows Americans dumbed down on politics, government

Illustration by J.K.A new Pew/USA Today poll is out, and responses to questions about debt, the sequester and immigration point to one overall conclusion.

Americans have been dumbed down when it comes to politics and government.

For instance, Pew reported this:

A substantial majority of Americans (76%) feel that both spending cuts and tax increases should be a part of the next step in tackling the federal budget deficit. But an equally large proportion believes that the greater share should come from spending cuts, even if tax hikes are also considered.

What might respondents have said if they’d been told Democrats have already achieved numerous tax increases via one bill—the ObamaCare Tax Bill? This is the greatest under-reported story of the decade.

Taxpayer watchdog group Americans for Tax Reform pegged the O-Care Tax Bill hikes at 20—the hikes are taken straight from the bill, by the way. ATR didn’t make any of this up. No income quintile will really be spared, but what’s important is that Dems hiked taxes and Americans still have no idea what will hit them. Even Dems were upset enough to join Republicans in repealing one provision on 1099 reporting.

The same goes for the issue formerly called manmade global warming but now called climate change.

Pew said, “[F]ully 62% favor setting stricter emission limits on power plants in order to address climate change while 28% oppose this.”

 If the questioner had asked the respondent one question, that percentage might be different—Do you want to pay more for electricity, gas, food, clothing and everything else as a result of stricter emission limits while other large “developing” countries pollute the planet and their countrymen have to wear masks in certain areas?  A major pillar in the economy is energy. This administration has so muddled energy policy that our country is at a distinct economic advantage while other countries have a field day.

Despite policies negative for many Americans, President Barack Obama’s approval record is holding steady as Republicans and Democrats in Congress low grades. Considering the impact of Obama’s policies on the middle class and the poor as well as on America’s still-eroding image abroad, the major conclusion I draw from this study is grim, and one issue hasn’t been covered at all.

The Obama administration is the first in my lifetime to directly attack the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That is a direct assault on freedom. Democrat-allied reporters refused to cover or even acknowledge this assault.

Despite more ways of obtaining information than ever before, Americans are truly dumbed down when it comes to politics and government, and that is exactly how we got to the point we’re at right now.

It’s too bad the questions about taxes didn’t include asking if the respondent was willing to pay more from his own pocket. I’ve found that people like taxes as long as someone else is paying.

A mighty media machine has enabled Democrats to consistently erode U.S. wealth and freedom; you trust that media machine at your peril.

Read the whole report—Pew puts the data online.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 22, 2013)

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