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ObamaCare assault on middle class continues: Kids in but spouses could be out

Photo: CDC/ Amanda MillsDemocrats like to repeat a simple message so many times it sticks in your head. Republicans should be doing that when it comes to talking about the ObamaCare Tax Bill.

Once again, Main Street loses while big corporations and the government make out like bandits.

The latest assault now revealed is on spouses of employees.

Over the next decade, it’s a given that many employers will simply drop health insurance for employees who will then head to government exchanges. That’s one goal, by the way, to drive everyone into a government plan. At that point, only the truly wealthy will be able to obtain high quality medical care and many of those people will opt for out-of-country care. Medical tourism will boom, that’s for sure.

As we continue to learn what’s in the bill the Pelosi-Reid-Obama team spawned, the picture gets nastier. Now we’re learning that many companies will stop insuring spouses of employees. Not to worry—the kids will still be covered.

Market Watch reported:

But experts say more firms are likely to drop spouses altogether, whether they work or not—especially when the new federal health-care exchanges open in 2014, providing an alternative for spouses left out in the cold. “When there’s a place for people to go, employers won’t feel as beholden or compelled to cover the spouse,” says Joan Smyth, an employee benefits consultant with Mercer.

Once again liberals have pulled the wool over Americans’ eyes. Big Insurance, Big Pharma and Big Government are laughing all the way to the taxpayer funded bank.

Tip for the GOP: Tell people what’s really in this tax bill that Republicans had nothing to do with. Not only do Americans deserve the truth, our party will benefit once the whole ugly truth is out.

Sidenote to legacy media: You should be collectively tarred and feathered for not telling Americans the truth about this assault on our personal lives and wallets. Legacy media is as worthless as antlers on a dog.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 22, 2013)

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