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TTV report: Turnout up sharply in Georgia, home of strictest Voter ID law

Please see the followup below this article for an update. One organization is contesting TTV's basis for comparisons on voter turnout.

As President Barack Obama and the Democrats resort to political war over the sequester, it’s useful to remember a sizable expense for the administration’s Justice Dept. last year. DOJ used taxpayer money to fight states that enacted Voter ID laws. Most, if not all, of those laws still stand.

The widespread voter suppression Democrats predicted ahead of the 2012 election, possibly an effort to draw more people to the polls by using fear tactics, never materialized.

As a matter of fact, a report by True the Vote showed voter turnout up sharply in key battleground states. In Georgia, home of the strictest Voter ID law, voter turnout rose by 10 percent when compared to turnout in 2008.

In six key states, TTV's investigation of county clerks and board of elections reports turned up one allegation of voter suppression in Maryland. States TTV reviewed were all battlegrounds with shifting demographics: Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, Nevada and Maryland.

TTV issued a report on Wednesday, The 2012 Voter Suppression Myth. Voter turnout in states with strict ID laws increased by 6.2 percent.

Judicial Watch pointed out in a report compiled from a panel discussion about vote fraud that Pew, an organization not identified with conservatism, found 2.5 million ineligible voters on the rolls ahead of the 2012 elections.

Advocacy groups allied with Democrats exerted influence over the DOJ, and AG Eric Holder complied by filing lawsuits against states like Pennsylvania. DOJ has not informed taxpayers about the amount of tax dollars used to pursue states that attempted to ensure the integrity of their elections.

DOJ spokesmen have often claimed that no vote fraud occurs. However, many cases relating to ineligible votes are handled at the state level.

One case was very embarrassing to Democrats, although most legacy media didn’t report it. A viable candidate from Maryland who ran for the U.S. House voted in the same election in two different states. Even the chair of the Democrats’ party in that state admitted the candidate did that and subsequently, Dems booted her from the ticket.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/Feb. 28, 2013)

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