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Flash mob vandals terrorize 'Bloomburg'—where are the parents?

A search using the term ‘violent flash mobs’ returned 1,000 results on YouTube. (Screen snip: YouTube)Nothing much surprises me about’ Bloomburg’, the city also known as New York. Mayor Michael Bloomberg may police the size of your soft drink, but he appears to have lost control of flash mob vandals in his city.

Youth on the rampage are injuring employees and customers at newsstands and kiosks in New York, vandalizing and stealing just as they have done in cities across the nation.

How do these mobs assemble?

Is any law enforcement even attempting to find out whether there’s an organized effort on social media?

The actions of these youths are a tragic commentary on lack of parenting in America today. A number of these young people have been photographed, caught in the act. Most of the looters appear to be minors. Despite wearing hoodies, you can clearly see the features of the culprits caught on camera.

The vandalizing isn’t always non-violent. A New York customer’s arm was broken. One newsstand employee was injured when a vandal threw a bottle. And of course those small businesses took a loss in already difficult times.

In Jacksonville (Fla.), teens took over a local Wal-Mart in July, 2012 after a “house party.” Police had to actually call for backup to “provide crowd and traffic control” at the residence where the party was held. A 20-year old was shot as he tried to leave the party—there’s the healthcare expense the president and no other Democrats ever talk about.

At the Wal-Mart, gunshots were fired outside the store. Everyone was of course glad no one was hurt, but that was by the grace of God. That kind of irresponsible behavior with a firearm can hurt the innocent and if you think gun control is the answer, you’ll be disappointed if you get your wish.

The July, 2012, incident is the only one I’m aware of in Jacksonville. However, CBS New York conducted an investigation and declared, “Newsstands all over New York City are being attacked.”

In Chicago, in June, 2012, a tourist was attacked by a flash mob.

Where are the parents of these young people? Nowhere to be found, and obviously, they have done a lousy job teaching their children the difference between right and wrong.

Is there a racial aspect to these crimes? Don’t liberals normally ask such questions? How about U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder? Why the complete lack of attention on the part of government officials?

Reportage on these mobs dates to more than a year ago.

Imagine the furor if one of these business owners decided to protect himself. The vandals know that, of course.

It's surprising that liberals aren't demanding controls on flash mobs, considering the damages and potential for future violence along with the fact liberals routinely call for controls on everything else.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Feb. 6, 2013)


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