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Republicans should take note: Conservatarians are at the door

President James Madison was a key figure in framing the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. (Photo: Library of Congress; Gilbert Stuart, artist)Media have made much of the alleged civil war within the Republican Party, but few have made note of an opportunity arising from the same.

Do Republicans disagree on issues? You bet. Conservatives and libertarian leaners come in all flavors.

I suspect the same goes for liberals and hardcore socialists—siblings with rivalries most often put aside on Election Day. Those Dem siblings do better than the GOP’s, though.

For instance, you have to hand it to the Dems for being able to corral most of the black vote while pushing amnesty for a sizable number of lowskilled workers who will directly compete for jobs. Same goes for Dem policy on energy—the price of everything goes up and women still flocked to vote for Dems.

Do you ever think about your core concepts on politics and governance? I do, and I’ve come to realize there’s really no label that defines me.

I’m a registered Republican, so that’s my party affiliation.

But I saw a post on Twitter that put things in perspective and I fully agree with what Ben Howe [@BenHowe] Tweeted:

For the millionth time: "Republican" is a referring to a party. "Conservative" is referring to a philosophy.

I came across the label ‘conservatarian’ the other day. I’ve always described myself as a conservative-libertarian mix, so that label seemed more attractive to me than certain others I’ve been called, and not just by super-liberals but by super-conservatives as well.

I keep seeing calls from various “conservatives” to run the RINOs, neocons and compassionate conservatives out of the party.

What I’d like such conservatives to tell me is how you plan to win an election if you chase off people because you disagree about some issues even while agreeing on most. That makes no sense to me.

I don’t see Dems chasing anyone off although I’d wager at least half their party members would freak out if they actually read some of the legislation and policies their elected officials implemented.

Conservatarian. I like the sound of it. Betcha’ a lot of independents might like the sound of it as well.

What does the word mean to me? The best federal government is one that addresses only what is specified in the U.S. Constitution, within limits expressed in the Bill of Rights. I do realize there’s room for debate about what is specified, by the way. A basic tenet is that the bigger the government, the smaller the individual. And to me, individualism is in short supply these days when it comes to freedom.

Despite claims by liberals, the Constitution and amendments cover everything we need to run the country. That’s what makes the documents so brilliant. They're timeless.

I did a search for ‘conservatarian’; the .com had already been taken.

I found a few self-declared conservatarian sites.

Sara Marie Brenner breaks down her conservatarian take on abortion at The Brenner Brief.

Josh Painter answers the question, ‘What is a conservatarian?’ in a post at Free Republic.

At the blog Sago, stix1972 has an interesting column, 'The Ranting of a Conservatarian.'

Thoughts? Post them below.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/March 26, 2013)

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