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Axelrod notes ‘tax day’ scenario for bombings as police look for rental van, hooded man

Police are searching for the mystery man in this video. (Snip: Video from WPIX New York)David Axelrod is a 100 percent political animal, so it probably won't surprise you that he appears to have an inner wish—that some right wing extremist be fingered as the Boston bomber.

Axelrod appeared on a network known for its rabid Leftist slant, so he was right at home when he said this about what was going through President Barack Obama’s mind:

[I]t was tax day. Was it someone who was pro--you know, you just don't know.

Axelrod and the administration he helped place in power are among the most partisan in recent U.S. history.

Meanwhile, reports continue to roll in about the investigation, with some new details emerging.

So far, media accounts report three people were killed in the blasts.

·      A video of a mystery man in a hoodie was popular on social media like Twitter shortly after the bombing. WPIX in New York ran the video of a figure making his way across a rooftop in the vicinity of the bombings. No word yet on whether the video is genuine or may have been doctored.

·      Fox News in Boston said authorities “took several large bags” from an apartment in Revere early on Tuesday morning. Fox said, “The Revere Fire Department wrote on its Facebook page that firefighters responded to the scene for a search for "a person of interest."

·       The Christian Science Monitor reported that federal officials had raided “an apartment in a nearby suburb”—is that the Revere apartment or a new one? This isn’t clear at present. CSM also said authorities are looking for a rental van and the mystery man in the WPIX video.

·       The Boston Police Dept. said via Twitter they are collecting all video from surveillance cameras in the blast area.

·       Reason Magazine said cell phone service in the blast area wasn’t shut down by authorities on Monday, but was “flooded” by callers.

·        The Boston Police Dept. maintains a Twitter account: @Boston_Police.

·       According to the Associated Press, Obama will speak again about the bombings at a press conference scheduled for 11:30 a.m. on Tuesday. Thus far, pressers have been more about politics than national security.

(Filed by Kay B. Day/April 16, 2013)

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