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Google enters NSA fray in hopes of protecting brand; new slogan needed

The 5th headline and link on the Google News Home page pointed to President Barack Obama's TV ad on YouTube. *The US Report added the red arrow for the reader's convenience.* [Screen Snip of Google News page excerpt; 9-20-12]Most of us who took to the Web when it was still an infant once viewed Google as a good guy. Those were the good old days.

Over the years the Web titan went partisan and pried into Americans’ private lives while claiming it didn’t mean to. Fines were paid, illustrating the wisdom in the adage, “It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.”

Now Google is attempting to protect its brand amid the NSA spy controversy. It’s hard to do that, however,  when a mega-corporation has become a political party tool.

Google is asking the U.S. government to grant permission to “to allow Google to release more information about the national security orders it had received.”

Google is currently under fire for more than politics—the company is accused by a number of state attorneys general of leading consumers to illegal prescription drug sites.

During the 2012 presidential campaign, Google advocacy for President Barack Obama became shameless.

The US Report pointed out a link at the top of the Google home page shortly before the November election, in a prime position, that pointed to a new Obama ad. The link wasn’t listed as an advertising link; it was presented like an article link with a note “highly cited” pointing directly to an Obama TV ad.  Above the link, a header specified how much GOP nominee Gov. Mitt Romney paid in taxes.

Google guru Eric Schmidt made no secret of his admiration for Obama—he campaigned for him. Forbes listed Schmidt as one of the richest people in the world.

Exactly how deep in the government has Google become?

With national security matters it’s hard to tell, but Google, besides Schmidt’s “bromance” with the president, according to Fox News, leases 42 acres from NASA in Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, another Obama fan is warning us peons to stay away from Facebook and Google if it turns out the companies conspired with the government on the Prism spy program. Wired magazine noted Professor Tim Wu, darling of the ‘geek-o-sphere’ and, incidentally, as Cato showed, rationalizer on matters associated with the First Amendment:

"In further comments made during interview, Wu criticised the track record of the Obama administration on civil liberty issues, saying that the Justice Department under Obama had, in his opinion, been, ‘a colossal disappointment in this respect.’"

Wu might have read Obama’s books because his philosophies were very apparent to any careful reader.

Google has long been viewed by many anti-socialism types as a member of the opposition. Conservatives and libertarians have had Google hosted blogs falsely flagged as SPAM, and many of us believe, purely based on anecdotal experiences, that Google most definitely hearts Democrats with search results.

Google was one of Obama’s top campaign contributors.

After Obama was elected, Google got into hot water for what the company claimed was unintentional harvesting of data we usually refer to as spying via their street view cars:

In 2010, Google was accused of harvesting private Wi-Fi data through the use of the vehicles. According to reports, the cars were collecting payload data from open Wi-Fi points for around four years.

Google also ended up paying an $8.5 million fine for handing over gmail user information to another company—peanuts.

Most companies that control the Web are aligned with Democrats, on everything from Internet governance to global warming. Google’s Schmidt recently said those who disagree with government funded (via tax dollars) pronouncements on climate change will eventually be seen as liars.

Government-funded experts once simply used the term ‘global warming,’ but that proved ineffective. Now they call it ‘climate change,’ because of course we all know that over very long periods of time climate does change. Otherwise we’d be scooping dinosaur poo off our lawns instead of doggie waste.

Google’s privacy director resigned in April, 2013.

Google’s original mantra was ‘Don’t Be Evil.’

It’s time for a new, more honest slogan. (Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 12, 2013)

Ed. note: Metacrawler is a good alternative to Google, pulling results from different search engines.

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