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Rice rewarded for falling on her sword as Donilon departs 

Democrat consultant Pat Caddell (right) shown here with President Jimmy Carter in 1977, called Tom Donilon the 'leaker-in-chief.' [White House Photograph]Imagine a Republican appointee going on numerous talk shows to repeat a fictional story about why U.S. property was attacked and Americans were killed in Libya. We all know what would happen if that Republican, instead of being penalized for falsehoods, earned a promotion, right?

It’s a good thing Susan Rice is a Democrat.

Rice, a Clintonite before she became an Obamaite, fell on her sword for President Barack Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. All three carried a false narrative forward, trampling the First Amendment, but UN ambassador Rice had the limelight as Clinton and Obama dodged the fallout.

Apparently Obama is grateful. Why else would he offer someone with her track record a position as national security advisor?

From helping obstruct the U.S. from accepting an offer from Sudan regarding Osama bin Laden to encouraging U.S. meddling in Libya, Rice has been a perfect example of a politico rewarded along the way for incompetence.

Had it not been for Rice and others like her more focused on political gain than the welfare of the Republic, the thousands of people killed on 9-11-2001 might be alive. What the left has never admitted is that President George W. Bush followed President Bill Clinton’s lead in dealing with terrorists.

Obama has basically done the same, one reason Americans should be keenly reminded of the need to drill down on any president’s foreign policy and demand the truth.

Rice follows another Clintonite, Tom Donilon, whose main claim to fame was that he worked for Fannie Mae as a lobbyist. Yeah, I know Obama said he wouldn’t hire lobbyists, but who holds this president accountable for anything he says? Certainly not major media.

Political consultant Pat Caddell, a longtime Democrat, pointed to Donilon as “leaker-in-chief” when security breaches were top of the fold in 2012.

Donilon, by the way, is a Bilderberg insider, a point of interest for the conspiracy theorists among us.

We now have a certified fabricator as national security advisor. What does that say about our security? What does it say about our president?

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 5, 2013)

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