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Six reasons Obama and the Democrats make Bush 43 look like a choir boy

Photo: The White House/governmentIt’s impossible to dismiss the ongoing assault on the presidency of President George W. Bush, and by association, the Republican Party. The use of waterboarding and drones, criticism over invasions of privacy and the big issue of Gitmo were Democrat memes for the entire presidency of Bush 43.

Fact is, Obama and the Democrats make Bush 43 look like a choir boy.

Here are six reasons for my claim:

─The U.S. government is “mining the data of America’s largest wireless provider, Verizon.” How many people did Obama scoop up? 115 million. Difference between Obama and Bush? Bush focused on foreign calls. Obama scooped up U.S. citizens.

─Remember the fury over waterboarding? Bearing in mind those who were allegedly waterboarded lived to tell whatever tale they chose to, consider the expanded use of drones. This expansion hasn’t exactly upped the U.S. image abroad, by the way. In June, 2012, Slate—not a conservative publication by a long shot—estimated Obama was droning by a ratio of 5-1 compared to Bush 43 and that was just for one Obama term.

─How many times did Obama promise to close Gitmo? Democrat congressmen in vulnerable districts weren’t about to lobby to send detainees to U.S. facilities stateside. Nor did Dems want to revive the rendition policy President Bill Clinton preferred. One solution? A floating Gitmo, evidenced by riding an accused Somali terrorist around for months on a Navy ship before unloading him in New York for the customary Democrat policy of trying accused terrorists in civilian courts. One man’s Gitmo is another’s cruise, apparently.

─Transparency was a soapbox issue, not just for Obama but for then-Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) when Democrats took Control of the legislative branch in the 2006 midterms. Fail.  Reason magazine investigated and found the Obama administration denied 466,872 FOIA requests in the first year of Obama’s presidency. That was an increase of 66 percent over the final year in office for Bush 43.

─Obama did draw a contrast to Bush and Republicans when it came to the role of the federal government. Democrats prefer vesting the majority of power in the federal structure. Now we know why. IRS was weaponized to shut down grassroots conservative groups hoping for tax exempt status and when leaks became a concern for Dems, the Dept. of Justice went after reporters instead of quizzing their national security adviser.

─Obama also promised to keep lobbyists out of his administration. Another fail, not just with people like Tom Donilon (former Fannie Mae lobbyist) but also by permitting lobbyists to help write the “healthcare” bill. The latest to brag about helping write the bill was Neera Tanden, president of a leftwing group.

I could go on and on, considering scandals like Fast and Furious, the great green sinkhole Democrats poured taxpayer money into even as they demanded tax hikes, and the foolish fabrications this administration told us about the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi after the president decided to engage the U.S. in the Libya civil war.

Republicans paid a price for what voters considered abuses by Bush 43.

What price will Democrats pay for an administration that really does make Bush look like a choir boy?

More important, what does all this say about our government regardless of who is in the White House?  (Analysis by Kay B. Day/June 6, 2013)


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