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Washington insider goes at Fox News sideways with new book on 2012 campaign

Book jacket: Jonathan Alter websitePresident Barack Obama has been witheringly honest about the fact he is no fan of Fox News. Leftwingers routinely criticize the only network Democrats don’t ideologically own,  and now a new book by a Washington insider dishes up allegations about Fox CEO Roger Ailes.

You don’t get more connected than Jonathan Alter, author of The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies.

Most Americans, if asked who Alter is, would go blank.

Those of us who read and write politics know exactly who he is. Check out Alter's Wikipedia bio; the sources are sound. The guy is so tapped into the establishment he couldn’t blast his way out with a rocket launcher.

I haven’t read the book and I won’t. I covered the 2012 campaign and thank you, I had plenty of that as I watched the charade unfold amid the fictions spun by the awesome media structure Democrats have owned for longer than I’ve been on the planet.

Alter is a big fan of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the Democrat so beloved of educators and so despised by those whose families were affected negatively by his policies. Alter is such a big fan he wrote a book.  I didn’t read that either.

My favorite work on FDR is Great Myths of the Great Depression by Lawrence W. Reed. That work by the libertarian-leaning economist should be required reading in school to balance the fictional narrative spun as history about FDR. I highly recommend it.

Alter is one of a legion of writers and media people Democrats can count on to advance their agenda. In a 2011 column at Bloomberg, Alter asked, You think Obama’s been a bad president? Prove it. Nothing illustrates the disconnect between Main St. and the political class more than that question included in Alter’s defensive column for a president who praised Alter’s FDR book.

Alter doesn’t like the tea party movement either. No surprise there. Expounding on claims Obama “looked weak during the debt-limit debate,” Alter wrote:

“Yep. And if you were president and a group of extremists was pointing a gun at the head of the American economy, what would you have done?”

The answer of course is simple. I’d have stopped spending. How "extremist" is that?

If you approve of the job Obama’s done and you like reading books by writers tapped into the bowels of Washington’s power base, this might be the book for you. But you can save some bucks by reading any number of columns at Daily Kos or Time. Or alternatively, just watch the evening news on an alphabet network. You’ll find routine pro-Dem propaganda at all of the above, and you probably won’t have to fork out an extra cent.

Alter grew up in Chicago; his mom was in politics and she was tapped into the Democrat National Committee.

Ailes apparently isn’t the only target Alter covered, according to Politico. They read the book so I don’t have to.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/June 7, 2013)

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