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Florida congressman’s top staffers ensnared in voter fraud investigation

Florida Congressman Joe Garcia (D) has lost two staff members ensnared in a voter fraud investigation.

Garcia’s chief of staff Jeffrey Garcia, who is not related to the representative, resigned in May.

Now Garcia’s communications director, Giancarlo Sopo, has resigned.

Roll Call (via The Miami Herald) said:

"Sopo had been placed on unpaid administrative leave last month, days after Miami-Dade prosecutors and police raided the home of one of his family members in connection with the scheme to request ballots for nearly 500 unsuspecting voters in the Aug. 14 Democratic primary."

President Barack Obama’s administration doesn’t acknowledge voter fraud is a problem.

Numerous instances of voter and election fraud, however, have been prosecuted at the state level. These are a few that drew media attention as others were ignored:

─In Sept., 2012, a popular candidate dropped out of the race for a seat in the U.S. House. Wendy Rosen, a Democrat, voted in two different states in the same election—twice.

─ In 2010 there were allegations of massive voter fraud by a get-out-the-vote group headed by a former employee of Service Employees International Union who admitted to media there had been “mistakes.”

─The Daily Caller reported that in 2011, “[A] Tunica County, Miss., jury convicted NAACP official Lessadolla Sowers on 10 counts of fraudulently casting absentee ballots.” Sowers was on the influential NAACP executive committee.

─In 2012 Project Veritas did an undercover investigation with an individual actually being permitted to vote as Eric H. Holder, Jr. Holder is U.S. Attorney General.

Democrats have routinely fought any attempts to make sure voter fraud is prevented, including taking states requiring some forms of an I.D. to court. 

Despite the controversy surrounding Garcia, Democrats are sticking with him. One top strategist sent out a fundraiser appeal as news of the voter fraud allegations surfaced.

A freshman in Congress, Garcia doesn't have a statement on his website. There is, however, a bit of irony in his bio because nothing Obama has done will lower energy costs for Americans:

"In 2009, President Obama appointed Garcia to serve as a director in the Department of Energy where he focused on lowering energy costs for America's families..."

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(Filed by Kay B. Day/July 3, 2013)

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