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Who lied about Oprah-Gate—talk diva or the sales clerk in Zurich?

Still shot from video of Oprah interview with Entertainment Tonight. It was a lively conversation I had with a few intimates about the dustup in Zurich. I decided early on we weren’t getting the full story from the talk show queen who claimed a sales clerk had a racist moment.

A dear one disagreed—Europe is racist, just like America.

Official story line: Oprah went into a tony boutique in Zurich and asked to see a very expensive handbag. As in 35,000 Swiss francs. In American bucks, that would be $37,844.1793 according to my handy Yahoo currency converter.

The celeb who was a key force in helping President Barack Obama gain the White House told Entertainment Tonight her show isn’t shown in Switzerland. Ergo, Madam Clerk did not recognize Madam Oprah. Imagine that.

Oprah told ET she was shopping by herself. I found that strange, considering her wealth and status.

The talk maven said she pointed to the purse in question and asked to see it.

Then, in a voice imitating some sort of foreign accent (it sounded Eastern European, but who cares?), Oprah declared the clerk said, “No, it’s too expensive.”

Oprah repeated her request and the clerk allegedly told her the bag would be “too expensive.” Oprah said the clerk “refused to get it.”

Now the clerk has come forward, telling The Daily Mail (UK):

“It is absolutely not true that I declined to show her the bag on racist grounds. I even asked her if she wanted to look at the bag.”

The clerk also said her colleague “saw them to the door.”


The clerk said:

“Then she [Oprah] went with her companion to the lower floor. My colleague saw them to the door. They were not even in the store for five minutes."

Didn’t Oprah tell ET she was shopping alone?

I spent many years working in retail, and more years doing writing for various retailers. Money is the universal color and boutiques, especially tony boutiques, will sell you whatever your heart desires regardless of the color of your skin. It’s called “profit motive.”

Oprah, like 99.9 percent of her fellow Democrats, has been on the race card kick of late, and unless there’s video of her handbag moment, we may not ever know who is really telling the truth.

My money’s on the store clerk.

I also would like to say that because Oprah is a really big cheerleader for Democrats, I am appalled that she would entertain the idea of spending almost $38,000 for a purse made from an animal’s hide, not to mention the profits the purchaser would generate for the evil the left attributes to capitalism. Think of all the hungry peeps Oprah could feed, for awhile anyway, with that cash.

By the way, the Daily Mail has a photo of the bag in question. You could buy a $200 knockoff and no one you cared about would know the difference. Celebs are such easy prey for those nasty capitalist retailers.

So do we call this she-said/she-said “Oprah-Gate”?

Tons of pundits and publishers have run stories about the handbag kerfuffle. I couldn't find a single one, other than the UK paper, who took the time to quiz the store clerk.

Oh, I almost forgot. The Swiss have formally apologized to Oprah.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Aug. 12, 2013)

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