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Animal rights activists lambaste Oprah on crocodile bag in Zurich racism affair

To make a handbag like Oprah wanted to see for potential purchase, the crocodile must be dead so the hide can be removed. (Photo: Cropped/ Library of Congress; Matson Photo, 1936)When I wrote about emerging details in Oprah-Gate, I said I was appalled at the prospect of Oprah Winfrey paying $38,000 for a purse made from an animal’s hide. Why?

Oprah’s politics run far left and she’s been recognized for advocating for animal rights. Seems like a double standard, especially when you consider what PETA thought of the wealthy celeb.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals must be fuming:

PETA, the world’s largest animal rights group, named Winfrey “person of the year” in 2008 after she spoke out against the wearing of fur. [The Local—Switzerland]

Thus far, a leading animal rights group in Switzerland has taken a dim view of the bag affair, but not much has come forth from PETA.

Crocodiles aren’t all warm and fuzzy like furry mammals, but Oprah is smart enough to make the mental leap. Crocs need defending just as much as foxes and beavers and slithery creepy creatures, right?

Swiss news services picked up the tale of the croc bag after Oprah told media a sales clerk at a boutique refused to show her the expensive handbag.

Most news services picked up the racism claims and dismissed everything else including reality.

One example—the sales clerk denies any racist elements in her exchanges with the talk show diva. The clerk’s employer backs up her employee.

U.S. media didn’t bother to get the clerk’s side of the tale. Swiss media is, however, all over the tale, especially since government officials issued Winfrey a heart-felt apology.

Why do I believe Oprah-Gate deserves attention?

If someone as powerful as Miss Winfrey picks on a store clerk in order to make a political point, care should be taken to tell the whole truth.

I believe that is what we are missing—the whole truth. Whether Oprah steps up to the plate for that is anyone’s guess.

I would say the talk show titan needs a one on one convo with herself, though, to iron out conflicts in her positions on animal cruelty.

You don’t take off a croc’s hide if she’s alive, you know. ;-)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day; Aug. 13, 2013)

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