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ObamaCare Ponzi Scheme: Dems pull a fast one to protect federal workers in ongoing saga

Photo: CDC/Debora CartagenaDemocrats have pulled another fast one to help cronies avoid fallout from the Ponzi-scheme they call ObamaCare.

Why is the misleadingly named Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act a Ponzi scheme?

The bill is supposed to be funded by taxes and “penalties” but some have already been repealed and/or postponed via waivers. Those repeals and waivers weren’t driven by Republicans—Dems aggressively went after the regulations.

The bill now rests on funding that may or may not materialize. It is technically underfunded and the whole bill hasn’t even kicked in yet.

We’re already short of funding because President Barack Obama gave his cronies some breaks as Real Clear Politics noted:

─The Obama administration has thus far issued waivers from Obama-care's onerous requirements to unions representing 543,812 workers. By contrast, the administration has issued waivers for only 69,813 nonunion workers.

─Unions also secured a five-year delay in the imposition of the law's 40 percent excise tax on high-premium health care plans, known as the "Cadillac tax.”

To give the impression they’re being fair about it, Dems just delayed the whole “Cadillac Tax” deal for everyone—until 2018. I seriously doubt union members or retirees will ever pay that tax via a bill they lobbied heavily for until they realized what it would cost them. I predict a quiet revamp omitting certain plans and sticking the rest of us non-union types with the final bill—the old ‘slip-the-amendment-in-a-big-fat-unrelated-bill’ strategy Dems are famous for.

Dems already repealed the 1099 provision in the bill. This was a business reporting requirement. Kiss that revenue goodbye as Bloomberg noted:

The biggest problem they [Dems] encountered was covering the cost of the $21.9 billion the provision was estimated to raise. The Senate voted 81-17 on Feb. 2 to repeal the 1099 provision and offset it with spending cuts.

The latest Democrat move should outrage every American.

Federal employees don’t like ObamaCare—even Obama’s IRS chief doesn’t want to switch his personal health deal we taxpayers fund. Obama said he’d personally see to it. Thus, we taxpayers keep funding these employees’ sweet deal and the president will make sure they don’t have to join the exchanges he and his fellow supporters of socialized medicine are pushing on the rest of us.

As all this played out, Dems continued to fret over the medical device tax, something they presumably didn’t notice when they voted for a bill most didn’t read. The Dem-led Senate has already attempted repeal. Maybe they read this brilliant passage from the IRS F.A.Q. on the device tax:

A16. The regulations provide a facts and circumstances approach to determine whether a type of device meets the retail exemption. The regulations enumerate several factors that are relevant, but there may be relevant factors in addition to those enumerated in the regulations. The determination is based on the overall balance of factors relevant to a particular type of device. No one factor is determinative. See § 48.4191-2(b)(2) of the regulations for more information about the retail exemption. The regulations also provide a safe harbor for certain devices that will be considered to be of a type that falls within the retail exemption. See Q&A 18.

Is that regulation a great example of bureaucratic messaging, or what?

Next time you hear Obama criticize Republicans for trying to repeal the most poorly written, totalitarian-leaning bill in U.S. history, remind yourself Dems have already repealed key provisions in this bill and Obama said not a word when all that projected “revenue” he’s so wild about evaporated.

Obama has personally pushed for a delay of employer and insurer reporting.

Our president doesn't talk about all the repeals and delays his Dems have effected.

Ultimately ObamaCare will hit the hardworking taxpayer the hardest. The truly wealthy will pay the tax penalty. The young will pay the penalty at first because it’s cheaper than the insurance they’ll be forced at the point of a gun to buy. Lobbyists will succeed in gutting excise taxes and unions basically run the Democrats’ party so they will work on a sweet deal for their members.

The U.S. is a large, diverse country. There is no logical one-size-fits-all fix for healthcare.

When 2016 and 2018 roll around and you’re finally beginning to feel the cold, brittle hand of the government in your wallet, your private health information and your doctor’s office, remember the Democrat Party put this on our backs and then let their cronies off the hook.

That should be illegal. Come to think of it, it is illegal because it conflicts with several amendments in the Bill of Rights.

ObamaCare is a Ponzi scheme and we know what always happens with that.

Republicans should come up with a figure of lost revenue from all the crony-oriented repeals and waivers. Therein lies Mr. Ponzi.

(Analysis by Kay B. Day/Aug. 2, 2013)

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