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Florida Dem women freak when Republicans return political fire

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) easily bests Rep. Debbie W. Schultz (D-Fla.) in a discussion on Fox News. (Snip: YouTube)In no real world would anyone view Florida’s Democrat women as shrinking violets. National committee chair Debbie W. Schultz and state party chair Allison Tant are as feisty as any other politicos engaged in today’s heated climate.

Both Democrats are upset about criticism from Florida Republicans, but the kerfuffle is purely political.

Our heated political climate is nothing new, by the way. America’s political groups have exercised rigorous, even insulting political debate since the country was founded.

Florida Republican chair Lenny Curry called for civility in debate as many other Republicans have done.

I knew that call would go unheeded. The Left declared war on Republicans in 2008 with a public manifesto issued by the leading blog for “progressive” causes and policy advocacy.

Now Shultz and Tant are upset after the RPOF used the terms ‘Tant Rant’ and ‘Debbie Dunce’ in releases.

Democrats may be upset, but I’m certainly not.

I believe the policies Dems are pushing on us—they’ve exempted many of their own cronies from laws like ObamaCare [Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act]—are among the most destructive in the history of our country.

Democrats have made a major push towards socialized healthcare, focused on tax-gouging policies despite consistent reports of billions wasted by federal agencies the executive branch ignores, obstructed the economy, filed lawsuits against states and in the process undermined legitimate elections, circumvented immigration laws, encouraged racial divisiveness and trampled several amendments in the Bill of Rights with special trampling reserved for the 1st, 4th and 10th amendments.

I don’t call people names, but I can think of hundreds far less kind than “rant” and “dunce.”

Democrats sent a release on Thursday, resorting as usual to identity politics:

 “Apparently, the Florida GOP isn't interested in having a substantive debate on the issues, but would rather call women names they would never use with a man.”

I have personally met numerous Republican leaders, both in Florida and in other states. None of them were sexist and Curry,  our state party chair is as far from sexist as Tant and Schultz are from reality.

It is near impossible to watch the ineptitude and lack of capability in the party that at present excercises the lion’s share of power in our federal government and refrain from saying something negative.

Schultz and Tant should pick up the nearest mirror. The party that has been at the center of disrespect for women lately is their party. Democrats like Anthony Weiner and Bob Filner have done more to perpetuate the concept of women as sexual objects than any Republican I can think of. Those two men follow numerous other Democrats who did the same.

Dems have never held their tongues back and Schultz is particularly sharp in her criticisms and choices of words. No party in my lifetime has shown a candidate the disrespect and outright bullying Democrats and their allies in media leveled at Gov. Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign and that was followed by similar treatment of Gov. Mitt Romney’s wife in 2012.

Florida’s Republican women responded to Tant and Schultz in a statement:

Our message to Ms. Tant and Congresswoman Schultz: "This is politics, ladies. If you can't stand the heat get out of the proverbial kitchen! Better yet, lead as both genders expect. How dare you trivialize the word 'sexist' when referring to an equal male counterpart in the political arena!”

In my opinion, no party's policies have been as detrimental to women as those of the current Democrat leaders. "Dunce" really is too kind a word.

Schultz is featured in numerous YouTube videos making claims that proved questionable. Among them was her denial that Democrats’ ‘healthcare’ bill wouldn’t pay for abortion. The Associated Press reported on Aug. 16 that ObamaCare could pay for some abortions—for members of Congress and their staffers.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/Aug. 23, 2013)

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