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Freakout alert: Readers unload on ‘Time’ for advocating Obama war while slamming Bush

You’d have to be a castaway on an isolated island to believe Time magazine is objective, especially when it comes to President Barack Obama and most Democrats in general.

Those of us who follow politics automatically assume Time is a Democrat ally.

The latest advocacy for Obama came in the form of what can only be termed a hardy effort to defend Obama’s dithering amid the consequences of his and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s management of foreign policy over the matter of Syria.

The headline by itself is remarkable, as is the kicker:

6 Ways Syria 2013 Isn’t Iraq 2003
A ‘Coalition of the Willing’ to deal with WMDs may sound familiar, but these two plots are vastly different

The writer of the essay basically carried Obama’s water via remarks by the president’s official mouthpiece Jay Carney, claiming that while President George W. Bush sought regime change in Iraq, Obama’s plan is different:

“[T]he Obama administration is taking pains to say that ousting Syrian strongman Bashar Assad is the last thing they want as it would only create a power vacuum the disorganized Syrian opposition isn’t ready to fill.

If the only thing you have to do today is conduct an in depth study of your drapes while watching reruns of Two and a Half Men, you might consider reading the article.

It’s useful to point out that if the U.S. waged a real intervention, regime change would be likely. Obama simply can’t bring himself to acknowledge the goal.

But if you want to really be entertained, just read the comments.

Most readers unloaded on Time for the thinly disguised effort at pro-Democrat propaganda.

My personal favorite was this comment:


Right. MSM covering Obama's butt.  The wars are different because (DNC, fill in the blank here).  Obama is a leader because (DNC, another blank to fill in).  It will have no impact on oil prices because (DNC, another blank for you to fill in).  This promises to be a short term, highly effect, war because (DNC, fill in this blank if you can). No, the US is not siding with Al Quada since (DNC fill in this blank to).

I am not done reporting. Once the DNC completes the form I will submit it for publication.

That is the quality of today's journalism. pukes.

Many members of media left their jobs to work for the Obama administration after he was elected president. Those crossovers include Mr. Carney who worked for Time. Carney’s wife works for ABC News. Carney assisted with Time's coverage of the Obama campaign in 2008.

(Op-Ed by Kay B. Day/Aug. 28, 2013)

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