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Why doesn’t the GOP tell Americans Dems already defunded major parts of ObamaCare?

The Cindy Graves Show airs on WBOB weekdays from 12-1 p.m.; WBOB 600AM or wbobradio.com online. (Snip: The Cindy Graves Show)Dems have already defunded major provisions in ObamaCare, and those provisions were supposed to produce revenue—normally known as “taxes”—to pay for the bill. According to Cavuto on Fox News (Aug. 7), 9 provisions have either been repealed or delayed.

By July 2012, long before the bill was fully implemented, ABC News confirmed seven provisions had already been repealed and Democrats were happy to do it.

Dems worked with the GOP to zap free choice vouchers and tax reporting requirements for small businesses. President Barack Obama didn’t complain about those changes—the administration had already zapped the CLASS Act aimed at long term care. Kiss that “revenue” goodbye.

Even former Democrat presidential wannabe Howard Dean has called for dismantling a major provision—the Independent Payment Advisory Board. Gov. Sarah Palin called it a “death panel” and she was attacked viciously for doing so. Now we know Palin was right and care will be limited for the elderly and possibly others who are vulnerable.

The IPAB is a cost-control board. You can accept the premise of rationing or pay for the alternative. Seniors aren’t exactly a priority with the government at present—the Baby Boomers are a target because Medicaid and Medicare costs are going to rise.

The Obama administration has already given waivers to more than 1,000 groups and employers to mostly benefit union workers who would’ve had to pay that famous “Cadillac tax” on generous healthcare plans. Zap. There goes more funding.

Now we’re learning those health co-ops ObamaCare spawned are running out of money—before they can even pitch their plans to potential buyers.

Perhaps the worst thing we’ve learned is that these politicos passed an invasive, horribly expensive bill that will fine or “tax” us if we don’t purchase an approved policy, but Obama and Congress worked to successfully shield Capitol Hill from the burden you and I will carry. Obama and Congress delivered a rule that lets all those Capitol Hill workers keep their taxpayer funded subsidies—75 percent of the cost—to help pay for the insurance they will now have to buy.

You and I won’t get those subsidies. We will bite the bullet on whatever ObamaCare ends up costing us, and we’ll bite it on both ends—when we’re taxed on income and when we pay what will almost assuredly be higher premiums because of a poorly written law that is no patient’s friend.

Changes, waivers, delays. All of those, implemented with Obama and congressional Democrats’ approval, have seriously defunded the president’s signature bill. Media are on fire talking about Republicans hoping to defund ObamaCare. Those same media forgot to mention Democrats and the president already pushed major defunding of that bill and no one has figured out where the new money to pay for it will come from.

Someone in Congress should ask exactly how much “revenue” Democrats have already vaporized.

And next time a leftwinger tells you ObamaCare is the “law of the land,” ask why the president and his fellow Dems have already defunded and overturned major parts of it before that law is even fully implemented.

If it's the law of the land, why have Dems and Obama already defunded major parts of it?

*Join TUSR editor Kay B. Day on The Cindy Graves Show on Friday when she'll guest-host the program. Topic will be ObamaCare. The show airs 12-1 p.m. weekdays on WBOB 600 AM or online at wbobradio.com. Call in and have your say!

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/August 9, 2013)

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