Senator gives Gov. Scott hat tip for jobs increase as “progressives” continue to rant
Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 2:13PM
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Sen. John Thrasher (left) during a live broadcast of the Cindy Graves Show on WBOB 600 AM. At center is host Graves and at right, producer Alexander Pantinakis. (Photo: The US Report)Gov. Rick Scott at an event in Charleston. (Photo: The US Report)Gov. Rick Scott has never and probably will never get a genuine tip of the hat from legacy media. Democrat policy underlies most media coverage. However, The Florida Times-Union included an editorial on Sunday giving Scott a hat tip he deserves. The editorial was penned by Sen. John Thrasher (R-6).

I wasn’t able to link to the editorial online because although it was blurbed on the front page, it’s in a ‘Members Only’ section.

Leftwing columns dominated the online page for the daily paper, with two columns carrying the usual rants. One columnist who is a serial complainer about any politician who doesn’t endorse so-called “progressive” politics opined Florida has too many “low paying” jobs.

Thrasher’s op-ed at least balances the blindly partisan litany.

When Scott won his office in 2010, he followed then-Republican Charlie Crist who finally came out of the closet to admit he’s a Democrat. At that time, Crist left a legacy of unemployment that climbed to 11.5 percent overall for the same year Scott won. Scott took office in 2011.

Downtown Jacksonville. (Photo: The US Report)Florida’s unemployment rate has declined to 7 percent amidst an economy waffling largely because of federal policies that are indisputably anti-jobs, unless you’re talking taxpayer-funded  federal jobs that increase the population of federal employee unions.

Thrasher said of Scott:

“As a result of his policy initiatives, $3.6 billion of the state’s debt has been paid, nearly 370,000 new private-sector jobs have been created and our unemployment rate has dropped 4.1 percent…”

Housing values have risen incrementally over the last 19 months, and despite Crist’s grandstanding photo ops spreading messages of doom after the BP oil spill that did not affect most of Florida’s natural areas—Crist ran a failed campaign to beat now-Sen. Marco Rubio (R) in the U.S. Senate race in 2010—tourism has rebounded. Florida hosted 91 million tourists in 2012.

Florida’s climate and natural beauty, worker pool, right to choice on union membership, reasonable college costs, and no income tax for individuals make the state a prime location for any savvy employer hoping to escape the burden of “progressive” policy that creates a catastrophe like Detroit.

Scott is also a great recruiter for business, and that most certainly shakes leftwing governers eager to hang onto revenue streams and corporate taxes as well as oppressive regulations that should drive any sane employer nuts.

As governors like Scott work to increase jobs, the Obama administration seems determined to kill as many as possible. One example: another SWAT style federal raid, this time on a flooring retailer. The issue: murky policy via the Lacey Act, legislation aimed at protecting the environment. In reality, the Lacey Act and amendments that followed act as a benefactor to approved importers abroad, de facto international cronyism. The Obama administration did the same thing to Gibson Guitars.

At any rate, Thrasher’s editorial was a welcome breath of reality among the pro-Dem rhetoric most legacy new outlets issues these days, all the while proclaiming their “objectivity”. Thrasher said:

“The reality is that Florida’s recovery has exceeded that of the nation as a whole while other states struggle under burdensome tax and regulatory systems. Florida is succeeding in its economic recovery because Scott is laser-focused on getting the economy on the right track by implementing policies that help job creators.”

(Op-Ed by Kay B. Day/Sept. 29, 2013)

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