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How will Obama and Pelosi reconcile with Code Pink?

This photo of Pelosi and Sheehan was snipped from Pelosi's website in 2010 although it was taken earlier. (Snip: Pelosi government website)How will President Barack Obama and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) explain their newfound penchant for war to their supporters at Code Pink?

After all, the anti-war group’s co-founder was a top bundler for Obama’s presidential campaign. Furthermore, Pelosi thought enough of high profile Pink founder Cindy Sheehan to sit on the couch for a photo in the speaker’s office. The photo was viewable on Pelosi’s congressional website in 2010. That photo, was no doubt, a boon to terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The US Report thought the photo significant and we snipped it.

Obama and Pelosi used the post-9/11 Iraq war as a political weapon ahead of Obama’s first election. “Bush lied; people died,” was a popular “progressive” slogan before Ft. Hood, the Boston Bombing and Benghazi (Libya) among other events.

As U.S. troops fought in the second Iraq war, then-senator Barack Obama and then-Speaker of the House Pelosi were critical of President George W. Bush’s decision to ensure a regime change in that country. President Bill Clinton had already dropped bombs aplenty, with a questionable outcome.

Raw Story, a media site most definitely not aligned with the right, reported in 2010 [boldface added]:

“In the first three months of 1999, U.S. led-forces [under Pres. Bill Clinton] bombarded Iraq with 241,000 pounds of bombs—just shy of the 253,000 pounds dropped under President Bush in the eight months leading up to the final UN resolution before the war.”

There was an admitted hangover, however, from the Gulf war. Although the U.S. could have removed Saddam Hussein, then-President George H. W. Bush decided not to. Bush and his staff believed Iraqis would remove the dictator. They missed the fact Hussein, like all successful tyrants, would stop at nothing to maintain power, and in time, the world learned Hussein had used chemical weapons on his own people.

Hussein was wily. He whipped criticism towards the West for his country’s miseries, but eventually we learned the truth U.S. media wasn’t eager to divulge. Hussein was engaged in oil-for-food fraud and allegations surfaced about then-UN Sec. Kofi Anan’s son. Whatever the case, millions were made and they didn’t benefit the Iraqi people. As is the custom for political looters, no one went to prison.

Segue to 2013. Now the world is being told the Assad regime used chemical weapons in Syria. Obama is pushing for military action, but unlike his decision on Libya, he agreed after a great deal of public (and probably internal political) pressure to go to Congress as the U.S. Constitution stipulates.

This is the same Pelosi, by the way, who defied Bush 43 by personally visiting Syria’s President Bashar Assad in 2007. In a singular moment of truth—despite claims by Democrats about promoting women’s rights—Pelosi wore a black abaya and a head scarf when she visited a mosque. Any female leader in the U.S. who adopts garb dictated by oppressive governments should leave office or forego whatever visit is planned.

Now Pelosi is telling media her 5-year-old grandson is asking questions about Syria. Pelosi responded:

“It was humanity drew a line decades ago that I think if we ignore, we do so to the peril of many other people who can suffer.”

Pelosi, who apparently cared little for the suffering of Iraqis or for the sacrifices made by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, suddenly wants a war.

There is much American opposition to engagement in Syria. Democrats will lob missiles, but they will not stick out a war even if a regime changes. We have seen this policy time and again. No more.

Sanctions against Iraq did not work. Even The N.Y. Times confirmed it. Missiles did not work. Nor will missiles work against Syria.

I'd like to ask Mrs. Pelosi how she felt about those Iraqi children Hussein murdered.

 (Op-Ed by Kay B. Day/Sept. 3, 2013)

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