President Obama‚Äôs Monday presser: 5 important questions no one got to ask 
Monday, September 30, 2013 at 5:42PM
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Reporters hammed it up while waiting for the president who was about 15 minutes late to the presser he called. (Frame grab/Fox News)President Barack Obama arrived at the podium about 15 minutes late during the presser he called about the continuing resolution to fund all government. On Monday, the president delivered the customary remarks, reassuring social security recipients and Medicare recipients about continuing checks and services.

Obama made brief remarks and took no questions, but there are at least 5 someone should ask him.

He also levied the usual harsh remarks towards those Republicans he called the “extreme right wing of their party.” Democrats have routinely painted that wing, allegedly the tea party wing, as mostly white. However, the president overlooked a major characteristic of many critics of Obamacare—those who lean libertarian in hopes of true government reform.

Obama also mentioned the fact the federal government is the largest employer in the country, with more than 2 million in the civilian workforce. To an individual who believes in an efficient streamlined government, that figure is a definite concern.

Obama took no questions, but there are some that should be asked. He has painted Obamacare as the savior of uninsured Americans. Fact is, the bill will harm some of the sickest among us. It would be a good thing if someone could ask the following:

*Why did Democrats choose to levy a tax hike on the sickest Americans by increasing the threshold for medical deductions on taxes? The old rate was already a high benchmark, at 7.5 percent. Obamacare raises the threshold, meaning your medical expenses must exceed 10 percent of your adjusted gross income for you to take even a penny in deductions.

*Why did Democrats attack Flexible Spending Accounts? One group  of people who use FSAs are those who have special needs children. Yet Democrats passed a tax hike in Obamacare to raise roughy $13 billion more in tax revenue from FSA holders who assumed the most responsibility for their healthcare. In case you didn’t know, last year the government had the largest year ever for tax revenue.

*Why did Obama and Congress give federal employees a break on health insurance costs other Americans will not receive? Taxpayers will cover the cost breaks.

*Why did the Obama administration grant a waiver delaying the 40 percent tax on high cost insurance plans called ‘Cadillac’ plans? That tax would primarily impact labor union families and early retirees. Is it legal to give a political bloc supporting Democrats a special break?

*Why did Democrats decide to pass a sweeping tax on medical devices, knowing that every patient who needs some devices—stents, artificial joints, and others—are already likely experiencing high medical costs and will bear the increases indirectly?

Democrats could have passed regulatory reform—keeping children on parents’ policies and the non-denial for existing conditions—in a simple bill. Instead they loaded up the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act with more than a dozen taxes. Some affect the sickest Americans.

As if all this isn't bad enough, IRS can't account for $67 million taxpayer dollars the Obama administration handed the agency to implement the tax elements of Obamacare.

Ironically, the president has never called a presser to explain to Americans why current immigration laws are not upheld or enforced. Those laws are also the 'law of the land.'

Why doesn't our president take questions at these pressers? Would the largely Democrat-sympathetic media in the White House press pool ask them even if they could?

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 30, 2013)

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