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Biden says taxes ‘patriotic’, but Obama supporters outsource fundraising

As the US economy struggles, Sen. Joe Biden repeatedly says paying taxes is ‘patriotic,’ but isn’t it unpatriotic to outsource fundraising? And how about all that carbon released from plane trips?

Sen. Joe Biden comes up with some whoppers, but he loves to tell us it’s patriotic to pay taxes. But isn’t it also patriotic to spend money in the U.S., especially if you’re hosting a chic-chic “do”? Consider this. Supporters of Sen. Barack Obama hosted fundraisers in Geneva and London. Those events would likely require caterers, servers, flowers and/or other decorations, wine and alcohol and possibly party favors. Guests could've spent money on cabs or more likely limos. Guests would more than likely shop at businesses in the area. Are you beginning to understand what I’m saying?

Not only that—Biden declared global warming (a term no longer used by the Environmental Protection Agency) completely manmade during the Vice-Presidential debate. Tineselati like George Clooney and Matt Damon preach about carbon emissions.  So how about all that carbon expended to fly guests in and out? Incidentally, thousands of respectable scientists do not agree with Biden on climate change, and his position on that issue has driven up the cost of food and gas for all of us.

Money spent on holding the events in Geneva and London could have benefited socio-economic groups that make up a key Democratic constituency. As the U.S. economy struggles, it seems unpatriotic to me to send funds away from home. Think of the businesses that might have benefited. Instead, supporters outsourced. Isn’t that a theme for Obama—how bad outsourcing is for the U.S. economy?

Tickets to the Geneva event cost $1,000 for the reception (where Clooney spoke), and the dinner tickets cost $10,000 a plate. Imagine the stimulating intellectual repartee. The New York Times suggested the London affair was a better deal—note the phrasing in this passage: “A contribution of $2,300 offers access to the V.I.P. reception; attendance to the main event only requires a $1,000 donation."

Next time you hear Biden tout his working class roots, or Obama decry outsourcing American jobs,  think about the guests rubbing shoulders with Dem supporters to the tune of $10,000 a plate or (a really great deal!) $1,000 for a “main event” in Geneva and London. Those fundraisers were basically outsourced. So much for change. Thanks, patriots! You sent lots of money to another country when the U.S. economy and workers can use every dime they can get.

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