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Democrats refuse Brit testimony on global warming, insult GOP guest

Lord Christopher Monckton is chief policy advisor, the science and public policy institute, for the Heartland Institute.Rep. Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) has finally got his long-sought limelight now that he’s chair of the House Energy and Commerce committee. Waxman is holding hearings on the ice age/global warming/climate change plans guaranteed to transfer American dollars into hedge fund pockets and coffers of developing countries. Waxman invited “celebrity” (Dems described him that way) Al Gore to testify on Friday, and the GOP invited Lord Christopher Monckton to testify. Problem is after Lord Monckton flew over from England on Thursday, he was informed the Democrats would not permit him to appear. Marc Morano has the full scoop at Climate Depot.

Somewhere out there should be a bright TV producer smart enough to see merit in a real debate aired for the American people. That same producer would have to be brave enough to stand up to the establishment, however. Have you asked yourself why you never see a pomp media outlet give you opposing ideas on this issue?

The fact we’re about to face sweeping lifestyle changes without meaningful debate is very worrisome from a standpoint of personal liberty. We will bear the brunt of the new energy bubble Democrats and a few Republicans are eager to create. Let me predict a few things:

•For almost every household energy costs will increase substantially. The Government will likely subsidize those already receiving welfare.

•For almost every household the price of everything will increase—any product that must be shipped will carry a higher freight cost and that cost will be passed along to you.

•The US job market will have a net loss. Just ask Spain.

There is an enormous amount of research that is not being shared with the public and pomp media steadfastly refuses to provide any information that contradicts the political consensus that gave Gore the platform he could not achieve in politics. His film is still shown by public school teachers who do not disclose a number of errors were found in the film, so many that a judge in the United Kingdom insisted accurate information be provided when the film was shown in British schools. One of the biggest Gorian myths is still accepted as truth today in many American schools: “Mr Gore's assertion that a sea-level rise of up to 20 feet would be caused by melting of ice in either West Antarctica or Greenland ‘in the near future’. The judge said this was ‘distinctly alarmist’ and it was common ground that if Greenland's ice melted it would release this amount of water - but only after, and over, millennia.” The BBC documented other incorrect “truths.”

As a lifelong environmentalist, I see more damage from ice age/global warming/climate change politicos than benefits. Climate does change and it has since Earth was formed. We do need to be better stewards and we do need to plan in an attempt to avoid disasters like Hurricane Katrina. In developing countries, deforestation and civil unrest have produced much misery, but carbon sequestering is not going to stop malaria or bring potable water to villages suffering drought. If anything, carbon sequestering will encourage people to cut old growth forests to plant fast-growing species.

Democrats in Congress apparently took an active role in preventing valuable information from being presented to the American people they represent, and prohibiting Lord Mockton, who has written extensively about this subject, was not only rude. Waxman used a “celebrity” advocate” to push his agenda and in doing so, did the American people and others around the world a real disservice for nothing more than sheer political gain.

Democrats refuse Brit testimony on global warming, insult GOP guest by Kay B. Day

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