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Reid to McCain: Stay away from Washington

Sen. Harry Reid doesn’t want Sen. John McCain to do his job. McCain plans to head to Washington to help fix the economic mess. Reid asked McCain to stay away. Funny thing is last time I looked McCain was still the senator from Arizona. So what's up with Reid?  I think it’s likely Dems are trying to protect their candidate. It’s a risk to try to help fix this situation and Sen. Barack Obama is definitely not going to take a political risk like that, even in the interest of the country. Plus despite the narrative media loves to tell, Obama is definitely not an economics whiz. I confess Reid is one of my least favorite Washington politicos.

He seemed stingy to me when he gave staffers at the Ritz-Carlton condo where he lives Christmas bonuses out of his campaign donations. And then he had that shady little land deal. Reid is about as close to the American on the street as Jupiter is to New York.

Shortly after the elections, USA Today provided insight on Reid and his fellow DNC Washington operatives:
"Despite their campaign talk about earmark reform last fall, the new Democratic leadership shamelessly used pork to buy votes — before the vote, Representatives Collin Peterson of Minnesota and Peter DeFazio of Oregon acknowledged that add-ons for their districts would influence their decisions," Thomas Schatz of Citizens Against Government Waste writes in an essay on the op-ed page of The New York Times. "The heavyweights also led by example: the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, added $20 million to eradicate Mormon crickets, and David Obey of Wisconsin, the House Appropriations Committee chairman, came away with $283 million for the Milk Income Loss Contract Program."

If I could talk to McCain right now, I’d tell him to get himself to D. C. We need at least one warm body in the city that can keep the pork out of the rescue funds. I can see why Reid wants McCain to stay away. I hope McCain tells Reid where he can put his ultimatum.

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