What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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The Israel Project: Abbas wants vote on physical boundaries

Israel buries victims of a terror attack in August. (Photo, The Israel Project)The Israel Project issued a response to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ statement ahead of his plans to seek a vote at the United Nations’ General Assembly that began on Monday. Media have reported Abbas’ intent as wanting UN members to vote for a Palestinian state.

The Israel Project said that’s not all Abbas will ask for—“[H]e is going to ask them to vote for the exact physical boundaries of that state.”

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As Israel defies Obama, Newsmax takes on his other border issue

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the joint session of Congress on Tuesday, those who saw the broadcast were able to see a real statesman in action. That quality has been missing from top US leadership for quite some time. Netanyahu effectively turned aside President Barack Obama’s wish for Israel to return to the unviable 1967 borders, and the prime minister’s position is one most Americans understand. Israel could not sustain herself if a massive influx of people entered the country.

Obama appeared to be unconcerned about the impact of those potential refugees on Israel had his call for the 1967 borders been taken seriously by anyone outside leftwing policy wonk circles.

But Israel’s border issue isn’t the only one Obama failed to grasp, and that fact is glaringly obvious in the June, 2011, print issue of Newsmax.

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