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ABC race baiting ignores fact most segregated cities not in the South

Graphic and caption: Geography at about.com, via University of Texas Libraries. On Sunday, ABC’s ‘This Week’ resorted to resurrecting the Old Confederacy in an attempt to explain why support for President Barack Obama has declined.

Desperate perhaps over ongoing polls that show a Democrat Party in serious trouble, the pundits resorted to race baiting.

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Bias at Alphabet Networks provides teaching opportunity for Republicans

The video of Ms. Love’s speech and all others can be accessed at the RNC website. (Screen snip: RNC)Alphabet Networks used to be viewed as a reasonable source for information about politics. I’m not sure when that practice died, but most Americans are smart enough to know media is incredibly biased when reporting on anything related to Republicans.

That bias has inspired a robust alternative media with sites like Breitbart and The Daily Caller as well as indie blogs like The US Report attempting to level the playing field.

Even before the Republican National Convention cranked up in Tampa, anti-GOP memes dotted the media landscape.

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ABC sinks to new low with premiere of ‘GCB’

Just when I thought ABC couldn’t sink any lower than The View, the network announced the premiere of ‘GCB.’ Based on a first novel ‘Good Christian Bitches’ by Kim Gatlin, the network played around with the title for obvious reasons. ABC tried ‘Good Christian Belles,’ but that didn’t quite deliver the punch associated with the word for a female dog. ABC eventually ended up with ‘GCB.’

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ABC's 'explosive' interview with ex-wife implodes

Just finished watching ABC's so-called 'explosive' interview with former Speaker Newt Gingrich's ex-wife Marianne.

The interview was about as explosive as the soap bubbles on my scrungie when I shower.

Nothing new was divulged other than her assertion he asked for an "open marriage."

Gingrich's daughters spoke up for him; both were very respectful and behaved far better than I would've if someone had tried to tank my father's presidential aspirations two days before a key primary.

More tomorrow. This issue is easily handled. Leftwing media may well push it but I do not think they will get far.

When Gingrich chastised John King for making it the first issue in the CNN debate on Thursday, the audience gave Gingrich a standing ovation.

This was such an obvious attempt by ABC to derail Gingrich's candidacy it came off as pathetic.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Jan. 20, 2012)


Perry to endorse; ABC guns for Newt with 'news' dating a decade in past

Never let it be said Republicans are boring.

News is coming in so rapidly it’s hard to keep up.

For starters, former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s campaign is having the same problem I’m having.

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Big media guns for another Republican--it's a girl!

Drudge has the banner up. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich's ex-wife Marianne will emote on ABC on Thursday, conveniently before the SC Primary is held on Saturday. There's also a debate that evening.

That ex-wife must be a fan of the Speaker's rivals.

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PTC protests ABC taking ‘Good Christian Bitches’ from book to TV 

I never read ‘Good Christian Bitches’ so I can’t comment on the literary merits of the novel by Kim Gatlin. I’d never pull a book with that title from a shelf simply because the title smacks of marketing to the ‘Sex and the City’ fans and I am not one of them.

One group is protesting ABC’s pilot based on the book (and titled the same as the book). On Wednesday the Parents Television Council issued an announcement calling on supporters to protest.

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