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Outcome of Florida gubernatorial race will have big impact on nation

It’s a given that whoever wins the gubernatorial race in Florida will end up having a big impact on the rest of the nation. The Rick Scott (R) vs. Alex Sink (D) battle will be resolved once Floridians cast their votes on Tuesday, but the winner’s political platform will impact issues like healthcare, immigration and the 2012 General Election. Voters may want to consider exactly how a Democrat victory will impact not only the state but the country. [Article continues after photo.]

Election of Yesteryear: Illustration shows an elderly German American man with one hand pointing to his head and the other pointing to a coin bank labeled "Savings Bank" on a table. He winks to show he thinks his investments in the U.S. Bonds protruding from his vest and his savings are wise decisions. On the left is a poster showing a bust portrait of President William McKinley (R) labeled "Expansion" and captioned "Gold Standard and Sound Money" and on the right is a poster showing a bust portrait of William Jennings Bryan (D) labeled "Anti-Expansion" and captioned "Repudiation and 16 to 1." [Aug. 15, 1900 issue of Puck; image from Library of Congress. No known restrictions on publication.]

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Scott vs. Sink enters final chapter as voters ask who’s best for Florida governor

GOP candidate for governor Rick Scott with running mate Rep. Jennifer Carroll shortly after Scott's Primary victory. [Photo Republican Women of Duval County.]On Sunday a newspaper most categorize as conservative declared support for Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink, Democrat nominee for Florida governor. There were talking points the paper memed from Sink supporters.

Yes, Sink sat on the board that oversaw the state’s pension fund. But the paper concluded responsibility for losses should be spread among all who were on that board. Never mind the title 'chief financial officer.'

That's a pass worthy of an NFL standout quarterback.

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Florida governor’s race in a nutshell: businessman or bureaucrat?

Gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott with running mate Rep. Jennifer Carroll. [Photo from Republican Women's Club of Duval Federated.]The gubernatorial debate at Nova Southeastern in Davie, Florida, on Wednesday revealed a clear choice for voters. Do we want a businessman to lead the state out of the current quagmire or a bureaucrat? Both candidates stuck to talking points, sometimes specfic and sometimes general.

One question seemed ludicrous, considering the limited time.

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Sink’s banking record spotlighted as Scott takes off gloves in Florida governor race

Reporters for select media might give Democrats a pass, but GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott won’t. The Scott campaign advised media a new ad would be released on Tuesday. The announcement disclosed: “A new ad debuting tomorrow highlights Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink's empty claims to never have been associated with a ‘whiff of scandal’ in light of revelations about fines for ‘deceptive sales practices’ and a $30 million settlement with NationsBank customers over fraud.” 

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In Florida Scott pulls ahead of Sink, goes creative with property tax calculator 

It’s impossible for me to recall how many times I predicted early on  in various conversations with political insiders and junkies, the strength of Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott. Don’t get me wrong—I had a large amount of respect for Att. Gen. Bill McCollum. I praised his work long before he decided to run in the GOP race for the governorship nomination.

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Democratic Governors Association bashes Scott in letter but apparently sinks into amnesia

GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott spoke to Republican women in Jacksonville.How desperate are Democrats as November approaches? On Tuesday the DGA sent a letter to the Republican Governors Association. The letter bashed GOP gubernatorial candidate Rick Scott, using the tactics of Scott’s opponent in the Republican Primary to reiterate criticism over the fines HCA paid--$1.7 billion—after the administration of President Bill Clinton undertook an investigation based on whistleblowers’ allegations.

The final act of desperation came when the DGA asked the RGA to oppose Scott’s candidacy.

While the letter focused on Scott, there should have been a reality check regarding the Democrat candidate’s own background. Did the DGA sink into amnesia regarding Sink?

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Florida Gubernatorial Primary offers hint of November outcomes

Updated on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 12:51PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

Rick Scott waits to speak at a meeting of the Republican Women's Club in Duval County. State rep. Jennifer Carroll (R) is on his right and Cindy Graves, president of the Florida Federation of Republican Women, sits by the cameraman who is standing. (Photo by Kay B. Day)

I predicted upsets on Primary Day, and Rick Scott’s victory in the GOP gubernatorial race proved me correct. Although many supporters worked hard for Attorney General Bill McCollum and his service record was solid, I explained to a  number of my Republican friends that ‘incumbent-it is’ can plague any branded candidate.

Two weeks ago, I told a longtime Republican Scott would win, and he responded, "No way."

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