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Wild Weasels: Saving lives and cheating death

All of the books I have reviewed lately have been infantry or special operations, so I really didn't think Viper Pilot, an autobiography of a modern-day Air Force fighter pilot would offer much in the way of excitement.

I was mistaken.

In an age of low-tech, low-intensity conflicts, dogfights have become all but a distant memory. But while threats facing today's aviators have evolved, they most certainly have not disappeared. U.S. fighter pilots, the world's best at air-to-air combat, have shifted their role towards close air support for ground units. And with all those planes in the sky, somebody has to take on the death-defying job of knocking out enemy surface-to-air missile sites.

That job goes to the “Wild Weasels.”

The basic objective of a wild weasel mission is for a team of F-16 pilots to fly over enemy air defense sites, forcing the enemy to fire deadly missiles at the pilots. Once pilots detect the launch – assuming the missile doesn't kill the pilot – they use teamwork to counterattack and destroy the launchers and radar stations, making the skies safe for other aircrews in the theater. This process was repeated countless times over Iraq – both during the Persian Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

If you think that fighter pilots are all glory and no guts, soaring 30,000 feet over the mud and blood of combat, then you haven't met Lt. Col. Dan “Two Dogs” Hampton. The now-retired wild weasel pilot and author of Viper Pilot has flown over 150 combat missions in just about every combat operation since Vietnam, earning four Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor and the Purple Heart.

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White House insider’s book shows president the top ‘One Percenter’ 

The last royal family of Russia, the Romanovs, appointed 18 czars over a 300-year period. In contrast, President Bill Clinton had 8 in 8 years, and President George W. Bush appointed 28 over an 8-year period. President Barack Obama appointed 43 czars in his first year.[Photo: U.S. Library of Congress; Source: Flickr Commons project, 2010] How many times have you heard President Barack Obama blast the wealthy on everything from tax policy to social justice?

The new book Presidential Perks Gone Royal: Your Taxes Are Being Used for Obama’s Re-election highlights the reasons Obama and every other president to date should never malign anyone else’s wealth. I highly recommend you read it.

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‘Being George Washington’ by Glenn Beck

Book Review by Gene Retske

If you have ever watched the Glenn Beck program or listened to his radio show, you will recognize many of the concepts in Beck’s latest book. There is little new information in Being George Washington, beyond some conjecturing on the exact conversations and what may have been in the minds of the various players in the American Revolution—but not much of historical interest.

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Abramoff's advice: Only hope is to downsize government

Book Review: Capitol Punishment by Jack Abramoff

Gene Retske is Book Review editor for The US Report.Review by Gene Retske

The enduring image of the fall of lobbyist Jack Abramoff is the black fedora he donned during his perp walk in 2004. By that time, the press and the McCain committee had already painted Abramoff as the epitome of the “DC problem,” so the fedora linked him inextricably to images of Mafia capos being taken into custody.

The American public widely accepted the contention that it was greedy, unethical lobbyists gone wild like Abramoff, that were causing the corruption in government.

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‘Atlas Shrugged’, a visionary work describing current global struggle

There are, I am told, two important rules about writing book reviews.

The first is that any book reviewed must be a newly released book. I am going to break that one. The second is that the reviewer must be able to summarize the essence of the book in ten words or less. I am going to ace that one.

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DeMint book: What should we let go of?

Ahead of the 2010 midterm elections, no one in Congress was more frustrated than Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), and it wasn’t just because his Republicans had been stripped of all power.  DeMint recounts the experiences of a conservative in a progressive-controlled government in his new book ‘The Great American Awakening.’

With Democrats in full control of both the legislative and executive branches, spending zoomed to new heights, setting world records for debt.

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Coulter’s ‘Demonic’ is divine!

The US Report enthusiastically welcomes new contributing editor for books, Gene Retske.

Gene Retske is the new contributing editor/books at The US Report.If you don’t read any other political book this year, or even this decade for that matter, read Ann Coulter’s Demonic. In fact, read this book even if you don’t read any other kind of books at all, ever!  This book, written in the teasingly sassy style that Coulter readers have come to know and appreciate, is the culmination of all the other Coulter books; it is the epitome of all recent political books.

A bold claim? Yes, but I can prove it. This is a book that answers the most burning question of the past 300 years:  What is a liberal?

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The Mystery behind ‘Obama’s Wars’

Everybody loves a good mystery, so Robert Woodward’s new book ‘Obama’s Wars’ should be a big hit. “Wait,” you may say. “I thought this was a factual account of the deep division in the Obama administration over Afghanistan war policy.” You would be correct, and it is well documented, detailed, and devastating.

But, what is the mystery?

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