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Obamacare: Confusion and dissension late in the game

By Wendy N. Powell, guest contributor

The government is so desperate to implement this law that in California, navigators will be paid $58 for each person they get to complete an application on the exchanges and an additional $25 for a renewal. What does that say about a law few Americans understand?

Photo: Deborah Cartagena/CDCSenator Ted Cruz is “Dr. Seussing”, labor unions are flipping, Democrats are claiming that Obamacare is good for your health.   What could the matter be, and how can there be so much confusion and dissension this late in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) game?

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Surprising breadcrumbs in “Catch Me if You Can” Edward Snowden saga

By Wendy N. Powell

A national debate about the NSA leaker shows an increase in those who consider Edward Snowden a traitor. Guest contributor Wendy N. Powell shares her ideas about the matter. For some of us, the jury is still out.

Among countless Americans, my personal jury has been out concerning the NSA leaker Edward Snowden saga, wondering if he is friend to the American people or foe to our country. 


If I follow the breadcrumbs, Snowden’s intentions become clearer.

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Should we apply Martha Stewart perjury standard to elected officials and appointees?

Photo of U.S. AG Eric Holder from U.S. Government

By Wendy N. Powell, contributor


Many believe that Martha Stewart went to prison due to insider trading. To the contrary, Martha went to jail for committing felony acts of perjury, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. She was treated harshly because of a lack of judgment and truth. Stewart lied under oath and served five months of jail time, five months of home confinement, and probation. She paid fines and fees. Many believe she was targeted and made a sacrificial lamb for the rich and famous. Nonetheless, she paid dearly for her crime.


Martha, our queen of "living," impacts our lifestyles but not our livelihoods. If we choose to follow her advice and entertainment, so be it. It is our choice.


Our collective livelihood is impacted by the honesty and integrity of our elected officials and appointees. Should they be held to the same standard?


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Obama administration spends millions to put a new blush on Obamacare

By Wendy N. Powell, contributor

Photo: CDCThe Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is becoming increasingly less popular with Americans and concurrently less partisan in Washington.

Many in Congress who supported the law are changing their support consistent with the public sentiment, and because concerns are rising about political futures over support for what was once marketed as the answer to American health care woes.  

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Mr. President, was it lonely on the administration side of the Fiscal Cliff bargaining table?

By Wendy N. Powell

President Barack Obama allegedly won the biggest financial challenge of his political career, or did he? The post mortem reveals troubling circumstances yet to come. The increases in taxes will affect all Americans and potentially trigger a new recession with all effects not yet known.

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Gather ye sugar plums while ye may; Washington will impact your personal discretionary budget 

Wendy N. Powell, guest contributor

Spend well this Christmas/holiday Season and be merry.  But ‘tis the season for budgeting for the new year as well. Unless otherwise averted, your Christmas/holiday or otherwise discretionary budget will fade next year to infinity and beyond.  The trend is that American holiday spending has diminished over the past 10 years from $1,037.00 in 2002 to $854.00 in 2012).This latest statistic compares to pre-recession spending.

Throw a travel budget into the mix (average of $1,200) and double your expenses for gas, and there you’ve got it. Your discretionary budget is going, then gone to pay your new tax obligations.

The Grinch could no more create this story; it is reality.

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