What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Schumer’s “million people on the mall in Washington” could backfire

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s forecast of a “million people on the mall in Washington” if his immigration bill doesn’t become law may be wishful thinking on the part of the liberal New York Democrat.

There’s another outcome Schumer may have overlooked.

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Reid nixes border security for immigration bill despite rise in OTMs at southern border

Politicians refused to uphold the legal commitments in the 1986 Amnesty bill. (Snip: U.S. Government/LOC)If you’re well versed on immigration matters past and present, you’re keenly aware that after the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control Act in 1986, the U.S. government refused to uphold a legal commitment to secure the border. It appears that will not change if a new immigration bill makes its way through both the U.S. House and Senate.

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Sessions fires on immigration bill containing $50 million in grants, ceding authority to DHS

After detention, some illegal aliens are returned to their countries of origin, but many are simply let go. The Obama administration released more than 2,000 in a single month, blaming “budgetary reasons” despite the fact the administration spent money to upgrade detainee facilities, adding hanging plants, movie nights and arts classes. ICE director John Morton initially claimed only a couple hundred aliens had been released, but ultimately the truth came out. (Photo: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol; Gerald L. Nino)Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) drilled down on flaws in S.744, The Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, in closing remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

Sessions said, “The overall package is so unsatisfactory that the Senate would do better to start over from scratch.”

Sessions submitted a letter on behalf of activists and groups across the nation under the banner of the Coalition Against S.744.

One of Sessions’ major concerns is the ceding of control over immigration law to a political appointee. That appointee would also have control over a new public-private partnership few media have reported on.

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Schumer does it again: Advocates for amnestied aliens to get EITC despite billions in fraud

A U.S. Treasury audit revealed IRS is not in compliance with federal law on the fraud-plagued Earned Income Tax Credit. (Snip: U.S. Treasury)The Senate Judiciary Committee, during consideration of  S.744, the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act,  took a vote on Monday, approving tax welfare payments for amnestied aliens. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) chairs the committee; he is one of the most liberal members of Congress.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) advocated for keeping the Earned Income Tax Credit as is.

Unfortunately Democrats' decision on tax welfare opens the door wider for fraud in the EITC.

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Schumer was eager beaver in persecution of conservative groups

Major media finally figured out the Obama administration doesn’t really qualify for sainthood just yet, and Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) photo from U.S. Senatestories are popping about the White House collaborating with the president of the National Treasury Employees Union.

The American Spectator reported the union chief’s visit occurred just before the Internal Revenue Service began targeting tea party groups and other conservative organizations.

Targeting these groups, however, wasn’t just a tactic used by federal employees’ unions. Joining appointees in the persecution was Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) who proved himself an eager beaver in persecuting conservative groups.

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Democrats’ amnesty could be expensive, create national security problems

CBP Border Patrol agent pats down an illegal alien who will be returned to Mexico. (Photo: Gerald L. Nino, Customs and Border Protection)Democrats and Republicans are working on plans for what politicians call “immigration reform,” but the impact of the liberal party’s plans could prove expensive for the U.S. taxpayer. There are also concerns about national security.

One issue up for debate involves entitlements. Should illegal aliens who get a green card via the new legislation gain access to taxpayer funded health care like Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act?

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Tainted architects in current immigration reform: Schumer and Menendez

No one doubts that immigration reform is necessary. Immigrants who truly value the potential in American freedom go through years of bureaucratic entanglement and expensive legal fees before American citizenship is gained.

Careful study of numerous federal reports as well as studies from the private sector suggest the federal bureaucracy and elected officials completely failed to fulfill promises made when the Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed in 1986. Ironically, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) was a major influencer in IRCA and he will exert major influence on pending legislation.

There’s more irony in potential influence from Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) who is reportedly headed to serve as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Both Schumer and Menendez are tainted. Neither Democrat should be part of immigration reform.

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Mexican natives, Dems in Congress and Common Cause sue U.S.—will countersuit follow?

Activist group Common Cause, viewed by conservatives as Leftist, has filed a de facto lawsuit on behalf of Mexican natives and some Democrats in Congress against the American people, guised as “asking the U.S. District Court in Washington to declare that the Senate’s filibuster rule is unconstitutional and violates the core American principle of majority rule.”

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Tea partiers vindicated by federal government’s excesses

President Barack Obama promised to fix the economy in every campaign speech he made in 2008. 'Hope and change' evaporated. (Screen snip The US Report)“It’s clear that there is no path to compromise that goes through the tea party. We urge Speaker Boehner to push ahead without them. We are ready to work with him if he is willing to buck the extreme element of his party.”—Sen. Chuck Schumer  to Associated Press, March, 2011

From the moment the grassroots tea party movement began to sweep the nation, tea partiers were maligned, defamed and attacked by most of media who advocate for the Left and by many politicians, mostly Democrats.

Those who formed local groups had some things in common. They wanted a smaller, more efficient government. They did not want tax increases. In general, they wanted a lesser role in their daily lives for the federal government. These aspirations were refueled on multiple occasions, including the government’s takeover of healthcare via a backdoor bill most Democrats admitted they didn’t even read.

Rarely have we witnessed such excesses and scandals in our government.

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