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OFA uses defamatory term ‘denier’ in misleading attack on Rubio

Organizing for Action, at barackobama.com, hurls a defamatory term at those who disagree with theories about the cause of "climate change." (Snip: OFA)Organizing for Action is engaging in an all-out attack on anyone who doesn’t agree with the agenda of President Barack Obama on what he and others misleadingly call “climate change.”

The latest high profile target in the OFA attack strategy is Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) who is featured in a propagandistic video.

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Profs who disagree on manmade global warming shown the door

The U.S. Geological Survey provides a wealth of information about climate change prior to the era when political science redirected reality science. If you’re a professor who dares to disagree with the government-corporate complex on global warming, you’ll probably be shown the door. Two professors recently were relieved of their posts because they disagree with group think.

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President Obama has billions of reasons to push global warming agenda

“Corporatism─a system of running a state using the power of organizations such as businesses and labor unions that act, or claim to act, for large numbers of people.” [Encarta]

Photo: The US ReportGlobal warming—formerly global cooling and currently climate change—was rekindled in the body politic by President Barack Obama’s recent speech. He called those who don’t accept carbon as the primary source of warming the “Flat Earth Society.”

Concern for the planet aside, Obama has billions of reasons to push a global warming agenda.

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Obama’s ‘flat earth’ remarks puzzle as he errs on ‘climate change’ storms

Crates, of Mallus (ca. 150 B.C.), is believed to have constructed the first globe. (Original image: Terrestrial and Celestial Globes by Edward Luther Stevenson, 1921. Edited by Steve McCluskey.)President Barack Obama erred in more ways than one with his rhetoric surrounding a ‘War on Coal’ because of climate change.

The ‘Flat Earth Society’ he presumably refers to are scientists and experts who are not funded by the government-corporatist global warming sector.

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Global warming alarmists demand get-out-of-jail-free card for violations

Government funded experts who churn out statistics, research analyses and musings about climate change/global warming will ask for a get-out-of-jail-free card at talks in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) the week of June 20.

In early June, Fox News reported the experts’ intent to ask for immunity. Most Big Media did not cover the controversial request.

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People who impact the world: List and facts on USA attendees at Bilderberg

Photo: NASAThere was a time when, if you said the word Bilderberg in a political discussion, you’d be handed a tinfoil hat. The 21st century makes it hard to keep a secret though, and the group of influencers we call Bilderberg has even posted a list of participants on an official website.

The US Report broke out participants from the United States.

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Climate change conference kicks off as alarmist calls for dictatorship, less humans

The Heartland Institute’s Seventh International Conference on Climate Change (ICCC-7) will take place in Chicago, Illinois from Monday, May 21 to Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at the Hilton Chicago Hotel. The theme is “Real Science, Real Choices.”

This conference takes a different approach than the government funded science conferences in cities like Copehagen and Cancun.

Heartland organizers say they invite scientists and experts with “wide ranging views.”

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What does giant ‘coal turtle’ found in Colombia have to do with U.S. politics?

Are you wondering what a giant 'coal turtle' found in a coal mine in Colombia has to do with U.S. politics? Start with the discovery.

Loggerhead Sea Turtles in antiquity were very large. Fossils as large as 1,000 pounds have been excavated, according to a researcher at the University of Florida. (Photo from University of Florida, via NOAA)The science website Discovery announced a giant turtle find:

“Remains of an enormous turtle, which was the size of a Smart Car, have been unearthed in a Colombian coal mine.”

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Carbon cops aim at re-engineering humans, zapping Western lifestyle

S. Matthew Liao and his fellow academics suggest taking a pill so you'll be nauseous if you eat a burger.(Photo by Kay B. Day)The carbon cops are at it again, coming up with more ideas to spread the gospel of Pachamama.

Ross Anderson at The Atlantic interviewed a professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University, S. Matthew Liao. Liao collaborated with two eco-warriors from the United Kingdom, Rebecca Roache and Anders Sandberg, to come up with ideas about engineering human beings in order to, as Anderson put it, ‘combat climate change.’

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