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Entries in climate change (49)


Climate change leads to blame for hurricanes as summit eyes green profits 


According to the Organization of American States, “The creation of carbon markets can involve two environmental risks. One is the risk of replacement of native forests by tree plantations with monocultures, which sequester carbon more quickly. The second environmental risk is financing conservation where no deforestation is occurring, which means forests would have no real value-added in terms of conservation since the forests were protected without payments in the first place.” [Photo US Forest Service, Douglas Firs, by W. E. Steuerwald]Climate change can’t get any crazier, but a little-noticed remark in an Inter Press Service article borders on fantasy. First let me give you some context. The U.N.-affiliated Indigenous Peoples' Global Summit on Climate Change was held in Anchorage this week. Stephen Leahy wrote the article ‘Native peoples sound dire warning.’ I didn’t think you could get more dire than Al Gore; how wrong I was.

Leahy begins his article by blending science, fiction and poetry: “Humanity's hot carbon breath is not just melting the planet’s polar regions, it is disrupting natural systems and livelihoods around the world.” I always like to say anybody can be a writer these days.

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Blogosphere fires on AP for alarmist article on global warming

Please note the correction to this article regarding the asteroid Apophis. Within the story the deletion is noted within brackets. We thank our readers for setting us straight. See the 'Comments' section below.


Earth, our home planet, has oceans of liquid water, and continents that rise above sea level. NASA scientists combined satellite photographs with surface data to create this detailed image of Earth's land masses and oceans. The swirling mass of clouds west of Mexico is a large hurricane. [Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center]I read the header (‘Obama left with little time to curb global warming’) and then I read the descriptive: “a ticking time bomb.” And I swore to myself I’d ignore this latest appeal by an alarmist writer who, not surprisingly, writes for the Associated Press which means his work will be memed and taken for gospel around the world. As might be expected, the writer in question, Seth Borenstein, is an environmental apostle of Al Gore's theology. He noted Gore’s influence on President-Elect Barack Obama after a meeting the twosome had, with Obama emerging to declare, “The time for denial is over.” Gore has issued environmental epistles since Bill Clinton was president. If you think about the threesome, and their expertise, we have one with an expertise in government, one with some experience as a community organizer and lawyer, and another whose major was journalism. These three men are influencers on global energy policy. And the blogosphere is having a ball with their 'end of days' warnings.

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Scientists challenge politics of global warming aka climate change as UN pushes agenda

(Commentary)  The largest of the four buildings is the Secretariat of the building, home of the UN's administration. The large, 39 story, 544 ft tall slab has become a worldwide symbol of the United Nations. The green glass-curtain tower, the first of its kind in New York, contrasts starkly with the 1920s buildings of Tudor City nearby. Is the headquarters an environmental negative? (photo from UN website.)Set for release this week, a newly updated U.S. Senate Minority Report features the dissenting voices of over 650 international scientists, many current and former UN IPCC scientists, who have now turned against the UN on the issue of global warming aka climate change (GWCC).

Main Street has dueled with GWCC zealots for years dating to the Clinton administration. That debate continues now with minority leadership on the US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works finally giving a voice in Washington to the dissenters. Led by Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking member for the minority on the  Senate committee, more than 650 dissenting scientists from around the globe are criticizing the climate claims made by the UN IPCC and former Vice President Al Gore. Inhofe tangled with Gore during hearings in 2007 when Gore refused to take a “Personal Energy Ethics Pledge” to consume no more energy than the average American household. Various media have reported Gore’s home uses approximately 20 times the energy of an average U.S. household.

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Cocaine damage to rain forests illustrates political failure in climate change mindset

Indigenous children in a rainforest. (For link and credit see 'references' beneath story.)Colombia’s vice-president Francisco Santos told the Associated Press people should realize if they use cocaine, they’re destroying the rain forests. The AP cited some astounding statistics in that story: The Colombian government says four sq. meters (4.8 sq. yards) of rain forest have to be cleared to produce a gram of cocaine—and 2.2 million hectares (5.44 million acres) of Colombian tropical forest have been cut down to grow coca in the last twenty years.

Not only does cocaine destroy a resource that benefits the whole planet, it’s a drug that can be deadly. In her book, ‘How Not to Die,’ Dr. Jan Garavaglia says cocaine is the most commonly abused illicit drug she encounters in the morgue.

When I hear global warming alarmists like Al Gore talk about carbon credits and offsets, it’s all I can do to listen.

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