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Republicans should take note: Conservatarians are at the door

President James Madison was a key figure in framing the Bill of Rights to the U.S. Constitution. (Photo: Library of Congress; Gilbert Stuart, artist)Media have made much of the alleged civil war within the Republican Party, but few have made note of an opportunity arising from the same.

Do Republicans disagree on issues? You bet. Conservatives and libertarian leaners come in all flavors.

I suspect the same goes for liberals and hardcore socialists—siblings with rivalries most often put aside on Election Day. Those Dem siblings do better than the GOP’s, though.

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Did Hezbollah, foreign agents and unions infiltrate the Republican Party?

Opinion by Kerry Patton

Photo: Used with permission.“Republicans are nothing more than Democrats in disguise,” a conservative friend told me recently. More and more conservatives are displeased with the Republican Party. Some believe the party has actually been infiltrated by not only left leaning persons but foreign influencers and Islamists as well.

It’s sad that in today’s political arena, a person cannot present sound critical questioning to their own party without being castrated. It appears that more and more self-proclaimed Republicans are playing a game of ad hominem attacks, just as Democrats do. If conservatives favor a two party system, it’s critical we fix a very broken Republican Party. The first step could be to begin vetting members appropriately. This requires asking critical questions and demanding answers.

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Social issues debate: Willie to rock RNC, raise money for veterans

By Kerry Patton

RNC welcome page snip from Republican National ConventionWillie Nelson will play at the Republican National Convention in August in Tampa. This news infuriates many conservatives. It’s time that conservatives like me and others take a stand.

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Romney sweeps 5 states; select media fail to acknowledge

Photo: Mitt Romney campaignOn Tuesday evening in Manchester (N.H.) former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney spoke to supporters. His theme, “A better America begins tonight”, capped wins in five states. The slogan is catchy, appropriate and inspiring. Some high profile media appeared to miss it all.

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UVA prof Haidt's book suggests conservatives not so close-minded after all

University of Virginia professor Jonathan Haidt’s new book, The Righteous Mind—Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion, seems timely considering the fractious tone in politics ahead of the 2012 Elections.

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For conservatives, trust is factor when it comes to Romney 

The US Report met and interviewed Tagg Romney in Jacksonville in 2008. (Photo by Kay B. Day)No one was more infuriated than I was when Republican National Committee Finance co-chair Georgette Mosbacher and her political peers anointed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the Republican nominee in October, 2011. It didn’t help that states like Florida were bumping primaries ahead in decisions made by party power brokers on the state level. The earlier primary lobbed advantages to Romney—all of us Republicans know that.

There was predictable backlash, especially from those of us who initially supported Texas Gov. Rick Perry. No governor has a better record, but the disrespect Perry encountered, in part from his own party, was undeniable.

In retrospect, I've come to realize that trust is a definite factor when it comes to Romney. I also came to realize Mosbacher's lack of self-control helped construct distrust for the candidate she endorsed with nary a concern about the ethical conflict in a GOP official endorsing one person when there was an abundance of hopefuls.

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Man on a mission: Herman Cain takes to the grassroots

Herman Cain wowed the crowd at CPAC. (Photo from Cain's Facebook page.)Ink and pixels are growing about potential Republican nominees hoping to oppose President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election. One potential candidate—an emerging national brand in the political market—is gaining grassroots support.

He’s being talked about on Facebook and Twitter; he’s been featured in The Daily Beast, The Daily Caller and in other print/web media. Not long ago a dear one and I were having coffee when Cain popped up on the TV on one of those political talk shows. My dear one listened for a few minutes and more excitement ensued than I’ve seen in a long time (at least when it comes to presidential potentials).

The response from my companion?

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Young Americans for Freedom ejected from club rush at Florida College

Screen snip from one of numerous videos posted by Florida Young Americans for Freedom. FYAF members allege they were kicked off a college campus because a staff member was upset over literature critical of President Barack Obama.The Florida Young Americans for Freedom organization claims organizers were ejected from club rush on Tuesday because a college employee was upset at conservative materials critical of President Barack Obama’s policies. FYAF said the incident happened at a branch of Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth.

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Netroots Nation agenda a blueprint for conservative strategy

The Netroots Nation, arguably the most influential Web-based outreach group for Democrats, concluded their 2010 convention in Las Vegas on Sunday. Guest speakers included Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Barack Obama’s deposed ‘enviro-czar’ Van Jones. Reid took the opportunity to admit what most of us have known all along: Democrats will push for a public option in health insurance despite the fact government programs like Medicare and Medicaid are a fiscal disaster. Most believe cuts will be sought, and those cuts will come from Medicare.

Cutting Medicare is in line with leftwing approaches to the rationing some Obamacare proponents believe will be necessary. The US Report has talked to several people in the healthcare profession who endorse rationing in end-of-life care. Ironically those same individuals endorse providing taxpayer funded healthcare to adults who are not in the U.S. legally. The U.S. taxpayer already provides such healthcare to children of undocumented aliens.

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