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Tea parties cause statists to pull the race card and therefore miss the boat

Conservatives took to the streets for tea parties in numerous American cities yesterday and now commenters and statist bloggers are crying racism. A typical response can be found on ‘Crooks and Liars’: “These "revolutionaries" are simply angry, frightened, white people highly frustrated because they have the word n****r on the tip of their racist tongues, but know they can't use it for it will expose the true meaning of their belligerence.” Many commenters agreed, taking the opportunity to bash white people, but it was another response that borders on the hilarious: “I'm less dismayed at the racism than I am at the bobblehead grasp of history these people show.”

Show me a statist who looks at history through an unbiased lens and I’ll show you a two-headed tomato. I’d suggest the hurler of the term ‘bobblehead’ read a little history and start with the insane measures Franklin D. Roosevelt took that burdened the middle and lower middle classes in a manner that until now was historic. Then segue to Jimmy Carter. And take a look at Bill Clinton’s econ team. And academics turned Roosevelt into a hero, even after he had livestock and crops destroyed as a large percentage of the populace almost starved. Go figure. History indeed.

Pop media was astounded, even perplexed, by the turnout. A CNN reporter flipped out and decided to debate with her interviewee rather than simply cover the event in Washington, D.C.

Steve Kira (left) and Will Pitts (right) at the Jacksonville Landing Tea Party. Kira is past Chairman of the St. Johns County Republican Executive Committee. Pitts is chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus, Florida. [Photo by John C. Stevens]

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Tax protesters gather across U.S.; president promises cuts for some

Updated on Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 4:17PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

Please see updates below the main article. I'm trying to publish everything I get in email and by phone about the tea parties.

A pleasant feature of Jacksonville's downtown area: it smells like coffee because of the Maxwell House Plant. [photo by Kay B. Day]Even Jacksonville’s First Coast News TV anchor was surprised at the “jam-packed” Tea Party held at Jacksonville Landing on Tax Day. Organized by a number of grassroots groups, my own Republican Liberty Caucus (NE Florida) fellows participated, working hard to get a good turn out. This wasn’t an easy feat—today’s gathering came on the heels of a Fair Tax Rally that drew thousands to the Landing on Saturday. Neal Boortz and Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-Fla.) spoke at the Fair Tax event.

A story by the Associated Press describes thousands gathering in cities across the nation to protest federal spending and of course taxes. The Homeland Security Dept. will be hard-pressed to track all these “right wing” types recently defined as “extremists” by the Obama administration.

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Tax Day tea parties gaining ground—will interlopers show up?

Tax Day tea parties are gaining ground with hundreds scheduled around the nation and if parties held in Orlando, Fla. are an indicator, thousands will show up to protest Uncle Sam’s hand dipping deeper into taxpayer pockets. Conservative sites like Newsbusters and Fox News’ Neil Cavuto have disclosed rumors of tax-loving statist interlopers showing up—we called these people liberals until Mark Levin hit the nail on the statism head with his book ‘Liberty and Tyranny.’ Huffington Post, the blog directory where you can set up your own deal and provide free content, has an invite posted: “The Huffington Post wants to have citizen journalists at as many of these events as possible.” Ironically, Mark Meckler, organizer of the Sacramento Tea Party, told Cavuto during an interview all are welcome. What a sharp contrast Meckler’s remarks illustrate. And by the way, what an insane term: 'citizen journalists.' Whoever thought that one up as blogs began to proliferate did us no favors.

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Do GOP leaders realize the opposition declared a bloody war of ideas in October?

Donkeys are cute, but if you have ever been around them, you'll find they can be obstinate and downright mean sometimes. Frequently their actions make no sense at all.Conservative talk show icon Rush Limbaugh is the most recent target of Dem strategists in what many conservatives perceive as a political war. Popular analyst Sean Hannity has had his turn, and so have some conservative journalists. Why do conservatives believe there’s a war of ideas and an official assault on celebs and others who don’t agree with the Democratic move to bigger government, keeping the underclass locked in plantation mentality and promoting socialist ideals?

One reason is a virtual declaration of war by a popular leftist blog site catered to by any Democrat who wields power. This was reported by the conservative blog Atlas Shrugs in October, 2008. Conservative blogger Pamela Geller wrote, “Those of us who swim in these waters know how malevolent and dangerous the leftard blogs are. A shark infested cesspool.”

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Massachusetts GOP candidate for state representative wants accountability in government

Bob Parks, VP of Marketing and Media Relations for the New Media Alliance, is running on the GOP ticket for state representative, 2nd Franklin District in Massachusetts. Parks supports accountability from government on spending issues, a concept many of us believe foreign to Democratic Party candidates like Parks’ opponent Christopher Donelan. I discovered Parks by accident—I found a video on his channel at YouTube. The video features interviews with black conservatives. Some of you may not realize there are black conservatives in the world—don’t be shocked. 'Black conservative' is not an oxymoron. The people interviewed in this video are also Christians.

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