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Entries in Duval GOP (4)


At GOP presser Mike Hogan says Jacksonville mayoral a ‘bellwether’ race


The Jacksonville mayoral race isn’t just a local race anymore. During a Duval County Republican Party presser on Monday, GOP candidate Mike Hogan called the election a “bellwether” race and he pointed to the fact it’s a regional issue. Several other counties were represented by Republican officials who say the wellbeing of Jacksonville impacts surrounding counties.

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Louisiana Assembly of Black Republicans launched

The National Assembly of Black Republicans continues to expand across the nation.

(Jacksonville, Fla.)—At the Florida Assembly of Black Republicans Semi-Annual Statewide Meeting, members announced the launch of the Louisiana Assembly of Black Republicans (LABR). An official statement said, “The expansion of the National Assembly of Black Republicans to Louisiana illustrates the fulfillment of our objective to develop a strong, effective, and informed majority of minorities in the Republican Party.” [Story continues after photo.]

Sam Newby, National Assembly of Black Republicans Chairman and Will Rachal, Louisiana Assembly of Black Republicans Chairman. [Photo courtesy of Florida Assembly of Black Republicans.]

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Up and coming GOP leaders question relationship between people, Nanny State

Why real change will only come by reducing the number of Democrats in the US government.

By Kay B. Day

The Associated Press covered an event with former speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio, a Republican who is campaigning for a seat in the US Senate. The header said, ‘Rubio says country relying too much on government.’

Lenny Curry, chairman of the Republican Party of Duval County, wants candidates to define their views about the relationship between government and the people. Curry is shown at the opening of the Duval GOP Minority Headquarters. [Photo by Kay B. Day]A few days prior to Rubio’s remarks, Duval County (Fla.) GOP chairman Lenny Curry posted a quick note on his Facebook page in conversational shorthand. Curry said before a candidate talked about specific issues, “I would like to know candidate view of relationship between people and their government. 1st things 1st.”

The conversation both Rubio and Curry want to have is beginning to take hold across the nation. Just how big do we want our Nanny to get?

For instance, Sen. Jim DeMint’s Senate Conservatives Fund is focused on electing true conservatives. DeMint is a Republican and the Fund has endorsed Rubio and a number of others.

When the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste PAC announced support for former representative Pat Toomey  in the US Senate race in Pennsylvania, CCAGW’s statement from chairman Tom Schatz read, “Pat Toomey is a proven leader in supporting limited government and eliminating excessive spending.”

The size of government and government’s reach into private wallets is probably the overriding issue of our time. What we do today will determine our country’s future character.

Obviously Democrats are incapable of reducing spending the hard way—by approaching the federal budget as a whole, and including foreign aid as a potential target for reductions.

It appears the current administration will be satisfied with focusing on tightening federal entitlement programs like Medicare. Eliminating Medicare Advantage subsidies is one example.

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Romney keynotes GOP Lincoln Day celebration in Jacksonville

by Kay B. Day

Gov. Mitt Romney sustains popularity in Florida, with many expecting him to run for the GOP nomination in 2012. [Photo courtesy of Duval County GOP.]The Jacksonville GOP has made arrangements to increase general seating for ‘An Evening with Governor Mitt Romney,’ scheduled for Monday, Nov. 9, at the Hyatt Regency on the St. John’s River. Tickets are on sale at the Duval GOP headquarters online.

GOP supporter Thomas F. Petway III will be honored for his service to the party at the local, state and national levels. Petway III is also a Circle of Gold recipient from the Florida State University Alumni Asso. and recipient of the F. Prime Osborn, III Distinguished Business Leaders Award from the University of North Florida.

General seating tickets are available at the same prices charged in 2006, “out of respect for the current economic situation,” according to Duval Republican Chairman Lenny Curry.

In spite of economic downturns, Curry said the financial support from sponsors has been unprecedented. "Duval Republican grassroots members are fired up and our donors are eager to make a difference in the 2010 election cycle by providing the finance necessary to make the mighty grassroots an unprecedented success." 

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