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Cantor says US needs ‘smarter regulations’ not just more

By Kay B. Day

Democrats in Congress, with help from a few Republicans, hope to push through a financial reform bill many conservatives and libertarians are criticizing. [Photo by Kay B. Day]In a conference call with bloggers on Monday, House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (Va.) said the US needs “smarter regulations” rather than simply a “more regulations” approach. Cantor was responding to a question about new financial regulations put forth by Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.)

Cantor and House Deputy Whip Peter Roskam (R-Ill.) held the conference call they described as a discussion of “how federal policies are hurting employers large and small.”

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Obama 'Fact Check' shows Democrats spend like former GOP

Congressman John Murtha (D-Penn.) was sworn in by House Majority Leader Tip O’Neill in 1974. Murtha is one of many aging Democrats who’ve been in office for decades. Murtha also has a defense of earmarks on his website, with an argument clearly missing the boat that money spent is money spent no matter what financial pot it comes from. [Photo from US House website]The Associated Press, in my opinion, has schmoozed Democrats like most of pomp media, but finally the most influential wire service in the world has done a fact check on President Barack Obama’s budget deficit claims. The result: guilty as charged, both the president and the Democratic members of Congress. The president and Congress fall back on President George W. Bush and the Republicans every time the budget deficit is mentioned. They’re like a bunch of kids standing in a circle around a broken vase. When Mom says who did it, a chorus arises, “It wasn’t me!”

If you’re a regular visitor to The US Report, you’ve heard me say responsibility for ridiculous levels of spending and lack of oversight of our taxpayer money should be acknowledged by both political parties. It is obvious the GOP members of Congress—dubbed the “Party of No” by the opposition—have learned a valuable lesson about spending. The Dems may never learn. It’s in their political DNA. They are definitely the “Party of Yes” when it comes to irresponsible spending and oversight.

In a story published Thursday, Obama’s 101st day in office, the AP responded to Obama’s claim, “It wasn’t me.”

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