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Media bury Obama gaffe as Letterman forgets 2011 walkout—fodder for Romney

It’s no secret that most media are actively lobbying for the reelection of President Barack Obama in 2012.

Despite the bias—never disclosed, a serious lapse in ethics—you’d think media would notice when the U.S. president made a huge gaffe. You’d also think media might notice a lapse on the part of David Letterman when Obama appeared on his comedy show on Tuesday.

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Obama campaign deputy praises more than $700 billion in Medicare cuts made by Dems

Obama campaign deputy Stephanie Cutter admitted the ObamaCare tax bill cuts Medicare by more than $700 billion. (Snip from video at The Weekly Standard)Shortly after presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney named Rep. Paul Ryan (Wisc.) as his pick for vice president, Democrat surrogates and campaign staff responded.

High level Democrats like Debbie W. Schultz (D-Fla.) claimed a plan Ryan presented would “end Medicare as we know it.”

Fact is, Democrats' own plans will ultimately end Medicare as we know it if problems with the government insurance program are not addressed.

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Rubio, DeMint lead on response to debt crisis, president’s threats

President Barack Obama went for the populist jugular when he threatened retired non-union and  non-government-pension workers with a possible delay of social security checks.

Fiscal conservatives aren’t happy with the president and they are not happy with Sen. Mitch McConnell’s political solution that would cede to the president de facto control over the debt ceiling. McConnell may have good intentions but they are not in the best interests of the country or the taxpayer.

Despite the quagmire, two senators have emerged as leaders.

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National Debt by the numbers: What does 12 trillion mean?

By Chris Carter

On Friday afternoon with no media present, President Barack Obama signed a bill which raises our public debt from $12 .394 trillion to $14.294 trillion.

That is an incredible amount of money, but do Americans even grasp how much money $1 trillion (1,000,000,000,000) is, let alone more than 14 trillion?

A million seconds ago, it was only twelve days ago. But a trillion seconds ago - it was 29678 B.C.. Woolly mammoths still roamed the earth, and the Great Lakes won't be formed for another 20,000 years. Scientists estimate that there aren't even one trillion stars in our galaxy (only 200 to 400 billion). Lined up end to end, one trillion dollar bills would circle the earth an incredible 380 times.

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Are aging Democrats in Congress hampering Obama healthcare reform and agenda?

Remember the hysteria about Sen. John McCain’s age during the 2008 campaign season? What no one talks about is the advanced age of Democrat leaders in Congress—fiefdoms are most definitely entrenched within a long term political entitlement class.

But the heavy hands ruling today’s Dem Party have in essence caused mediocrity to prevail. An example is President Barack Obama’s hope for healthcare reform. Yet the most conspicuous bill, HR 3200, is a lesson in failure. Democrats appear to want to remodel America’s vast healthcare system in order to address a relatively small group of American citizens and a segment of the population one major study described as “foreign-born noncitizens.”

Most of us believe healthcare reform is necessary. But HR 3200 isn't real reform--it is an expansion of bureaucratic control of another segment of our economy and will ultimately, according to many assessments, increase the federal deficit.

We also believe reform is necessary for energy. But  Waxman-Markey, if passed by the Senate, will escalate energy and food prices as well as prices for numerous other goods. Democrats allowed no debate from scientists and experts who disagree with the concept of manmade global warming, and the bill creates a financial bubble rather than addressing climate change.

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Healthcare legislation alert: Ask your representative to oppose HR 3200

Updated on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 at 6:24PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

Rep. Ander Crenshaw will oppose HR 3200. Shown here: Crenshaw attending a ceremony honoring the Duval County Shoreline Protection Project in Atlantic Beach.Dems are desperately rushing healthcare legislation most of them haven’t even read. A bulletin from Red State said, “House Democrats have cut a deal on healthcare reform with the Blue Dog Democrats. They meet this afternoon to mark up their bill and rush it through the House of Representatives.”

Every time I hear the term ‘Blue Dog’ I do two things: cringe and admire. I cringe because you cannot be a Democrat and be a true conservative. I admire because the branding is brilliant—the big government-loving Democratic Party garners independent votes by claiming a conservative coalition. It’s rather like cheesecake leering from your dessert plate promising you cholesterol is actually good for you.

Call your representative now.

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As GOP tangles within, RGA has winning platform with focus on core values

TGov. Mark Sanford (S.C.) is one of the few governors smart enough to realize federal stimulus funds amounted to "Greeks bearing gifts."he “Gallant Old Party” may be bickering within, but the Republican Governors Association quietly came up with a platform that is true to party roots, one that doesn’t aim to recreate the United States as a nanny. To be perfectly accurate, the most obese nanny in the history of the world. The Tax Day “Tea Party” Protests were completely misunderstood by pomp media, the political class, President Barack Obama and the Democratic members of the biggest spending Congress in the history of the country. But the RGA got what protesters were saying, and the organization has scheduled a townhall by telephone for Thursday, May 14 at 8:30 p.m.

I realize my opening paragraph sounds like I’m advocating for Republican governors like Mark Sanford (S.C.), Bobby Jindal (La.), Rick Perry (Tex.) and Haley Barbour (Miss). I am advocating for these governors because they get what the country needs. Here’s a statement that sums up a true conservative platform: “[T]axes are too high, our federal government is too big, and our states' rights are being trampled upon.” Within that statement is the spirit of the US Constitution many senators and representatives in Washington seem to have forgotten. The constitution limits the power of the federal government. Yet many in Washington today seem hell bent on expanding it even more. And some of the expenses are completely insane.

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