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Senator gives Gov. Scott hat tip for jobs increase as “progressives” continue to rant

Sen. John Thrasher (left) during a live broadcast of the Cindy Graves Show on WBOB 600 AM. At center is host Graves and at right, producer Alexander Pantinakis. (Photo: The US Report)Gov. Rick Scott at an event in Charleston. (Photo: The US Report)Gov. Rick Scott has never and probably will never get a genuine tip of the hat from legacy media. Democrat policy underlies most media coverage. However, The Florida Times-Union included an editorial on Sunday giving Scott a hat tip he deserves. The editorial was penned by Sen. John Thrasher (R-6).

I wasn’t able to link to the editorial online because although it was blurbed on the front page, it’s in a ‘Members Only’ section.

Leftwing columns dominated the online page for the daily paper, with two columns carrying the usual rants. One columnist who is a serial complainer about any politician who doesn’t endorse so-called “progressive” politics opined Florida has too many “low paying” jobs.

Thrasher’s op-ed at least balances the blindly partisan litany.

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Florida Dem women freak when Republicans return political fire

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) easily bests Rep. Debbie W. Schultz (D-Fla.) in a discussion on Fox News. (Snip: YouTube)In no real world would anyone view Florida’s Democrat women as shrinking violets. National committee chair Debbie W. Schultz and state party chair Allison Tant are as feisty as any other politicos engaged in today’s heated climate.

Both Democrats are upset about criticism from Florida Republicans, but the kerfuffle is purely political.

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Florida congressman’s top staffers ensnared in voter fraud investigation

Florida Congressman Joe Garcia (D) has lost two staff members ensnared in a voter fraud investigation.

Garcia’s chief of staff Jeffrey Garcia, who is not related to the representative, resigned in May.

Now Garcia’s communications director, Giancarlo Sopo, has resigned.

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Tale of 3 Cleveland women reminds others like Jennifer Keese are still missing

An assortment of photos of Jennifer Keese as well as images of a person of interest are posted at a website her family created. (Snip: jenniferkeese.com)Imagine how many family members and friends in Cleveland are celebrating being reunited with their loved ones, probably having assumed the worst over the decade they had been missing. Amanda Berry, 26, Gina DeJesus, 23, and Michele Knight, 32, comprise that wonderful rarity—people gone missing who turn up alive.

The Cleveland narrative struck a chord in me because I’ve followed the case of a woman missing in Florida, Jennifer Keese.

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Not just wingnuts: Preppers targeted in FEMA messaging

FEMA ad targeting preppers. (U.S. Government)When media disclosed that the Newtown shooter’s mother was a prepper, pundits had a field day. The shooter’s mother had a hefty supply of guns, ammunition, food and water to allegedly prepare for Doomsday.

Preppers, however, aren’t just wingnuts or hyped up survivalists.

As a matter of fact, the federal government targets preppers with a whole section on the FEMA website.

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Muslims rally at state capitols, but controversy arises in Texas

Frame from a video about Muslim Capitol Day in Florida. (Snip: Bedier TV)A rally for the faithful in any religion is nothing new to Americans, one possible reason that Muslim Capitol Day didn’t draw much attention from media.

Muslims rallied on Feb. 28 in capital cities like Tallahassee (Fla.) and Austin (Texas) as part of a national effort to raise awareness about the political process and encourage people to be engaged.

Little reportage followed these events, but in Texas, one speaker’s comments sparked controversy.

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Second-grader gets lynching color sheet from teacher; few details on educational website

James Hill of Atlantic Beach (Fla.) got an eyeful when his second grader brought home a Black History Month picture to color—racist images that included a lynching.

The child’s teacher got the materials from an Internet site, edHelper.com. Few details are available about the site.

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Former Republican ex-governor from Florida changes tune on voter legitimacy

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to calculate the odds of ineligible votes determining who the next U.S. president is. After all, we have roughly 11 million foreign nationals in our country at present and President Barack Obama ignored current federal laws and Congress to offer them what amounts to amnesty.

It’s also generally known that identity documents are easy to come by.

Now Florida's ex-governor Charlie Crist has jumped into the debate.

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Treatment program jeopardized as Jacksonville faces budget crunch similar to other cities

Photo of downtown Jacksonville by The US ReportAs the U.S. economy continues to struggle, the nation’s largest city in land area, according to local lore, is facing tough economic decisions.

Mayor Alvin Brown, a Democrat, and the Jacksonville City Council mostly made up of Republicans are challenged to finalize a budget without alienating supporters.

One popular long term program, a substance abuse program, appears headed for the chopping block.

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