What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Surprising breadcrumbs in “Catch Me if You Can” Edward Snowden saga

By Wendy N. Powell

A national debate about the NSA leaker shows an increase in those who consider Edward Snowden a traitor. Guest contributor Wendy N. Powell shares her ideas about the matter. For some of us, the jury is still out.

Among countless Americans, my personal jury has been out concerning the NSA leaker Edward Snowden saga, wondering if he is friend to the American people or foe to our country. 


If I follow the breadcrumbs, Snowden’s intentions become clearer.

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Gibson quizzed Palin, but he did same with Obama in July

Thursday evening, many in the US tuned in to ABC News to see anchor Charlie Gibson interview Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. This was her first big interview—many in media began attacking her almost as soon as Sen. John McCain made the announcement. What many may not remember is that Gibson also interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama about his own ideas on foreign policy.

While it’s a bit strange that similar interviews occurred with a vice presidential candidate and a presidential candidate, I suppose it can be forgiven because both Palin and Obama were not household names with American voters. Obama got taken to task for an errant comment about Jerusalem. McCain is very well-versed in foreign policy. Obama’s vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden serves on the Foreign Relations committee. At one point, Biden suggested breaking Iraq into sections to resolve disputes among religious groups, and he didn’t agree with the troop surge that proved successful. Watch the videos and you be the judge. Feel free to place your comments below regardless of your candidate preference. We welcome all views.