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5 days into Operation Pillar Defense, the world watches for impact of ‘Arab Spring’ countries

By Kerry Patton

Israel's capital city of Jerusalem at night. (Photo: CIA World Fact Book)On the 14th of November, Israel launched Operation Pillar Defense. Initiated as an air campaign, Israel is now staging ground forces on the Gaza border. Hamas has been crippled, but fighting continues.

Since Israeli military operations began, Hamas, the lead terrorist group behind atrocities against the Israelis, has launched approximately 1,054 rocket attacks.

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Did Justice Dept. commit felony by dismissing Hamas financing trials?

Last year, the Dept. of Justice shut down numerous pending prosecutions against faith-based groups and individuals that were suspected of aiding foreign terrorist organizations. By doing so, did those responsible for the decision commit a felony?

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Free Gaza flotilla contained wannabe martyrs says Yemeni professor in Gaza

By Kay B. Day

[Map from US Dept. of State]Once the Free Gaza group decided to send aid ships to Gaza, I figured it would lead to a lose-lose situation for Israel. Despite an abundance of coverage in print and on the Web, little attention has been given to the group that started the whole affair. In my opinion the flotilla was nothing more than a Trojan horse designed to appear as a gift to Gaza, but in reality the so-called ‘aid convoy’ was an act of provocation designed to further marginalize Israel.

The flotilla was basically a passive attack.

And a high profile professor based in Gaza apparently agrees. You have to wade through a few basic facts to get in sync with what that professor is saying, though.

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Details of Ellison's Muslim pilgrimage pose ethics problem for House Democrats

Icons of Islam: The ancient erected stone obelisk located in the Hippodrome in Constantinople. The image was made between 1880-1893. [US Library of Congress Photo by Abdullah Frères].by Chris Carter

House ethics officials have called for disclosure of costs associated with Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison's religious pilgrimage to Saudia Arabia last year. Originally, Ellison – who is the United States' first Muslim congressman – opted not to announce the cost of the trip, which had a price tag of $13,350. More disturbing than Ellison's lack of transparency is the fact that The Star-Tribune (Minn.) said the Muslim American Society of Minnesota  (MAS) paid the $13,350 bill for Ellison’s two-week visit to Mecca.

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‘Dignity’ damaged en route to Gaza—mission of mercy or politics?

Former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (photo from US Congress Bioguide).As usual, media is dogging the latest conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, with American media doing its best to highlight Israel’s role and refrain from telling the whole story. The latest sound bite of the week stems from efforts by former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.) and some like-minded activists who decided to take relief supplies directly to the center of the battle. McKinney and company sailed on the Gibraltar-based ‘Dignity, ‘ described by various media as a pleasure boat.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said, “The boat, which set off from Cyprus Monday wanted to make a statement and deliver medical supplies to embattled Gaza.” Predictably, the Israeli military wasn't happy to see the Dignity.

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