What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Schumer steps up to mic for Democrat messaging

Republicans in Congress should be smiling today after an announcement that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has appointed Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) to handle messaging for the Democrat Caucus in the next Congress.

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Warming alarmists vow debate as Chicago Climate Exchange downsizes

Photo by Kay B. Day/View of ocean from Mickler's Landing near Jacksonville, Fla.Global warming alarmists are an organized, well-funded ‘uni-speak’ bunch whose Climate-Gate scandal was widely underreported by government friendly media. The scandal was deflated when pro-warming academics cleared their fellows. But now those alarmists are gearing up to take their message to the people even as Chicago Business says the Chicago Climate Exchange “is scaling back.”

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Chris Matthews should ask Reid if he’s ‘hypnotized’

Less than 24 hours after voters voiced extreme displeasure with the federal government, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was back to doing what he does best. Griping about Republicans.

Reid isn’t sounding very bipartisan. Judging by what he told The Canadian Press, I’d suggest ‘progressive’ pundit Chris Matthews ask if Reid’s ‘hypnotized’ just as Matthews asked that, very rudely, of a Republican representative on Election Day.

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Government and some universities should offset carbon emissions and avert US consumer tax

The Guardian (UK), a self-declared left of center newspaper often quoted by status quo pundits and wire services, featured a story on Friday about President Barack Obama’s refusal to restore President Jimmy Carter’s solar panels on the White House roof. The panels heated water for the kitchen.

Obama’s refusal is bizarre, considering his support for legislation to limit and tax carbon (Cap and Trade/HR 2454) and the fact the small business loan package (possibly HR 5297—Obama does not cite the bill he’s promoting) he’s touting is geared directly to energy tech and enviro-tech companies—those are two of the targeted industries in addition to others like photonics and digital media. Obama gives the impression the bill is some sort of boon to mom and pop businesses. It isn’t.

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Obama’s weakest link: Congress

President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail, talking to his Union peeps over Labor Day. Obama pitched his usual commentary. He and his fellow Dems saved the jobs of teachers and firefighters. No one knows how the states will deal with the same budget shortfalls next year, but who cares?

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Will BP grilling backfire?

Updated on Monday, June 21, 2010 at 4:12PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

By Kay B. Day

Criticism of BP is certainly warranted, considering the damage from the Gulf Oil Spill. But other recent manufacturing and financial lapses have gone unchallenged. And there’s a chance public grilling for nothing more than political purposes could backfire.

The political topic of the day is conduct by BP in the Gulf Oil Spill disaster. Congressional leaders shook fingers and levied snarkisms at the company, yet gave federal oversight agency heads a pass.

Such a disaster warrants federal attention, of course, but our federal government tends focus on politics and self-growth rather than on common sense matters the government should be looking after. At present, the government can't run the government.

But if you think BP’s lapse is the only dastardly action harming Americans, you’d be wrong.

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Obama energy policy slams Florida utility bills, may wreck Alaska resources

Commentary by Kay B. Day

In Jacksonville, Fla., consumers will soon see utility bills skyrocket, in accordance with the president's wishes.In The Sunshine State, Democrat policy on energy is having an impact on consumers and it also may wreck offshore development of oil and gas off the coast of Alaska.

President Obama and his fellow Democrats took up the mantle of energy policy immediately after gaining absolute power in Washington. After the House passed HR 2454, popularly known as Cap and Trade but more realistically known as an energy tax, the bill went nowhere. Then Deepwater Horizon exploded in the Gulf, providing left of center policy wonks, politicians and lobby groups an unrivaled opportunity to body slam the gas and oil industry.

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Rubio and Crist go mano a mano with Fox News' Chris Wallace

Former Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio spoke at the Duval County Republican Women's meeting in May. He packed the house. [Photo by Kay B. Day]Former Speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio goes mano a mano with The Sunshine State’s Governor Charlie Crist in a debate on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Rubio and Crist are locked in a duel to determine the GOP nominee for the US Senate seat vacated by Mel Martinez.

The race has galvanized grassroots conservatives drawn to Rubio’s limited government message and it has surprised GOP insiders who initially assumed Florida’s popular governor would be a shoo-in for Martinez’s seat. 

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Big signal: With health takeover complete, feds return to climate change agenda

Commentary written by Frances Beinecke for Reuters AlertNet, self-described as a “humanitarian news network” that’s part of Reuters, is a big signal of what President Barack Obama plans to do next.

With the healthcare takeover behind him for the moment, Obama is expected to take up the other cause that makes the leftwing bureaucratic heart beat with the speed of hummingbird wings: climate change. He's already had success with HR 2454, popularly known as the 'climate change bill,' passed by the House.

Beinecke is president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, described in her bio tag as “a U.S.-based environmental activist organization.”

NRDC has over the years been viewed by many of those I know and have worked with who are dedicated to the environment as a rabid group of politicos whose deepest desire is to return us to the Stone Age. In other words, the group has been traditionally viewed as radical even by liberals.

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