What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Senator gives Gov. Scott hat tip for jobs increase as “progressives” continue to rant

Sen. John Thrasher (left) during a live broadcast of the Cindy Graves Show on WBOB 600 AM. At center is host Graves and at right, producer Alexander Pantinakis. (Photo: The US Report)Gov. Rick Scott at an event in Charleston. (Photo: The US Report)Gov. Rick Scott has never and probably will never get a genuine tip of the hat from legacy media. Democrat policy underlies most media coverage. However, The Florida Times-Union included an editorial on Sunday giving Scott a hat tip he deserves. The editorial was penned by Sen. John Thrasher (R-6).

I wasn’t able to link to the editorial online because although it was blurbed on the front page, it’s in a ‘Members Only’ section.

Leftwing columns dominated the online page for the daily paper, with two columns carrying the usual rants. One columnist who is a serial complainer about any politician who doesn’t endorse so-called “progressive” politics opined Florida has too many “low paying” jobs.

Thrasher’s op-ed at least balances the blindly partisan litany.

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Republicans will welcome President Obama with a protest in Jacksonville

Image: Facebook page for protest; Republican Party of Duval County.President Barack Obama heads to Jacksonville (Fla.) today, presumably to make another campaign-style speech as Democrats eye 2014 with increasing concern. The presidency offers a large bully pulpit funded by the U.S. taxpayer.

The president is coming, as one Facebook commenter said, “during work hours.”

Jacksonville, like many other cities, continues to weather what might be called the unreported downturn. The overall economy may be improving, but on Main St., we’ve seen prices rise for food, gas, energy, clothing and healthcare.

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Five eye-popping claims Democrats made in Charlotte speeches

This highly entertaining video takes apart some of the fantasy math Democrats employ when promoting the ObamaCare Tax Bill. (Video from Political Math blog)

On Tuesday evening as I watched various Democrats speak at the convention in Charlotte, I kept a running list of false claims. I planned to check them this morning.

Fortunately, a number of media outlets actually saved me some time; they ran fact-checks on statements made by speakers like Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius. That in itself is a surprise considering the informal alliance Democrats have traditionally had with media.

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Labor Board attacks jobs creator in Charleston where voters supported Obama

South Carolina’s Holy City, Charleston, is one of my favorite places. You can’t help loving the sight of graceful old homes facing the waves lapping against the Battery. The architecture alone is worth a trip—the 186 foot steeple of St. Michael’s is a symbol of history and grace, and near the base of the pulpit, a mark is still visible from  a shell fired by Union troops during the War Between the States.

Carolinians know Charleston has a leftwing bent, fitting in a city replete with arts festivals and cultural events. In the 2008 General Election, then Sen. Barack Obama definitively beat Sen. John McCain in that county by a comfy margin (82,698 for the Democrat; 69,822 for the Republican). Obama has a peculiar way of thanking those who voted for him, however.

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JP Morgan Chase lockbox services get $89 million from US as jobs shipped overseas

Would it be a surprise to learn a bailout bank that received more than $94 billion in taxpayer funds that haven’t yet been paid back in total also received more than $89 million for a service related to immigration? And despite those windfalls, would it surprise you to learn the bank shipped jobs overseas?

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Rep. Gingrey plugs ‘America Speaking Out’

Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D. (R-GA), shown here at an America Speaking Out townhall, delivered the weekly Republican address, saying Americans are “fed up.” [Screen snip of Rep. Gingrey from US House website.]In the weekly GOP address, Congressman Phil Gingrey, M.D., (R-Ga.) said Americans are “fed up.” And for those who are really fed up, Gingrey thinks ‘America Speaking Out’ is the perfect remedy.

Gingrey said, “Americans are fed up with how things are going in the country right now. They see more job losses, rising debt, and plummeting home sales. They feel let down by a government that passes one 2,000-page, trillion-dollar law after another instead of focusing on addressing the problems Americans worry about every day.”

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