What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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McCain, Schumer and Mrs. Clinton among 'Reason' magazine’s 45 ‘enemies of freedom’

Snip: Reason magazine websiteReason magazine, the libertarian print journal carrying some of the most interesting content in the political realm, decided to select 45 ‘enemies of freedom’ to celebrate the publication’s 45th anniversary.

The list appears in the magazine’s special anniversary edition for August/September.

Among those ‘enemies’: Senators Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) as well as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Some of the remaining 'enemies' may surprise you.

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Corporate players like Google and AT & T require big debate on Net neutrality

Commentary by Kay B. Day

If you’re not clear about the term ‘Net neutrality,’ don’t feel lonesome. It’s a complicated issue with big corporate players and the government controlling the debate. But decisions and consequences of those decisions about the Internet can have a profound impact on how consumers use the Internet and what content we have access to.

The Libertarian-leaning Center for Individual Freedom calls Net neutrality ‘government’s newest takeover plan’ and ‘corporate welfare for Google.’ 

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Glenn Beck defends anti-McCain comments, taps Main Street psyche

Updated on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at 5:54PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

Glenn Beck is everywhere these days—ratings for his Fox TV show are through the roof and his new book ‘Arguing with Idiots’ is in the number 2 spot on Amazon. He’s been on the cover of Democratic-leaning publications and he’s on the cover of what we consider one of the best news magazines in America, Newsmax [October, 2009]. Outspoken, irreverent and at times downright scary, Beck appears to be his own man. The left has decried his criticism of the current administration and now the right is jumping aboard the ‘Get Beck’ wagon. What brought it all on?

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Grand Old Party—anatomy of a down

Effective branding creates an image that lives far beyond conception. A perfect example of successful GOP branding is Theodore Roosevelt, our 26th president. (Photo from White House website.)Part 1 in an analysis of the 2008 General Election campaign

Since Barack Obama won the presidential election, and a number of new Democratic faces will soon head to the House and Senate, Republicans are doing some rather uncharacteristic navel gazing. From blogs to liberal newspapers, on message boards and via email discussions, GOP faithful are analyzing the down. A family member did more than that on election night. She was furious. Not at Obama. At the GOP.

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Halloween—will Joe the Plumber, McCain and Obama walk the streets alongside Miley Cyrus?

On Halloween there are always the requisite witches, pirates and rock stars. But with the general election days away, we’re guaranteed a few glimpses of political personalities. Not long ago, I heard a tap on my office door and there stood Obama, at least from the neck up, courtesy of an amazingly realistic mask. My daughter’s boyfriend has had a ball with that one. I threatened to take the broom to him if he tries to go vote while wearing that mask. A West Hollywood (Calif.) man hung an effigy of Palin from his chimney, perhaps the most tasteless and biased Halloween display this year.

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Patriots pledge to Obama-Biden: Democrats in Congress will spread their own wealth

Breaking: Exclusive to The US Report

Democrats in the US Congress are so excited about Sen. Barack Obama’s tax plan to “spread the wealth around” some have agreed to contribute 10 percent of their personal wealth to the U.S. Treasury. These Democrats have also earmarked 5 percent of total donations for ACORN and other community groups. One senator got so excited she gave  a developer two acres of land she bought at a distressed auction. Section 8 vouchers can be used to provide low income residents a safe place to live. The senator plans to build a multiplex and will utilize resources available through Freddie Mac. “I can’t wait 'til the people in that little subdivision meet their new neighbors!” she said. Asked if there were plans to build a multiplex in her own neighborhood, the senator explained, "Oh, no--it's a zoning thing. A multiplex would never be allowed in my neighborhood."

Fighting for a place in the voluntary donor line were members listed on Roll Call’s ’50 Richest Members of Congress List.’ An unnamed source said, “John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi almost knocked each other down trying to get to the head of the line.”

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'Senator Government' a flash of truth from McCain in final debate

It was a comical moment many may have missed in the final presidential debate, and for Sen. John McCain it was a slip of the tongue. But it made a telling point because it spoke to Sen. Barack Obama’s core belief—that government is the solution to everything. If you filter through the rhetoric from both candidates, you emerge with a sharp contrast. McCain wants to reduce spending and Obama wants to increase it. And what about the hatchet vs. scalpel back and forth?

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YouTube pulls McCain ad citing CBS copyright; backstory big dollars for Obama

Sen. John McCain’s campaign protested removal of videos by YouTube because of takedown notices even though the videos did not infringe on copyrights. Via a letter dated Oct. 13 to YouTube, the campaign said one of the videos contained less than 10 seconds of video with CBS content. CBS refused comment to TV Week. Comments at news websites often complain about the Digital Millenium Copyright Act that allows copyright holders to submit takedown notices. Really, you’d have to have a hole in your head (the size of the Grand Canyon) to think this has anything to do with copyright.

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Howard Stern in Harlem: voters like McCain policies but they're picking Obama

Howard Stern is nuts, but you can’t not watch him sometimes. It’s sorta like watching a brawl in the parking lot. Stern went to Harlem and asked people who they were voting for. Their responses—voting for Obama based on McCain’s positions—illustrate the power of branding. All major TV networks and most large circulation print journals have the Chris Matthews leg shivers for Obama. All I can say is it works and if Obama’s elected with Democrats at the helm in Congress, I hope you enjoy your tax increase. Note to Obama fans reading this: I'm expressing my opinion.  I will guarantee you there will be a tax increase and it won’t just be on the rich. Maybe you better ask Obama how he defines ‘middle class’ in terms of income. And like I always say, a Democrat never met a tax he didn't like. The sole exception is Rep. Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) who didn't like his own taxes so much he decided not to pay them. Predictably, Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave Rangel a pass and he still serves on the committee that determines your tax laws.