What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Entries in media bias (46)


History be damned: Priebus draws leftwing fire for putting Dem media machine in perspective

Most media protect Democrats long after they're dead. No major network would air the excellent series 'The Kennedys.' Reelz picked it up. (Snip: Reelz)Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is drawing leftwing fire for putting Democrats’ media machine in perspective.

In a rant at CNN, a columnist named Dean Obeidallah—described as a former lawyer turned political comedian—went so far as to accuse Priebus of wanting to limit “freedom of the press.”

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From ‘scandal free’ Obama to exit polls, Dems’ Oval Office win largely based on personality

An analysis of what we did wrong and what we need to do to win.

Sometimes I ask myself whether Republicans really want to win. I certainly did that in 2008 when Sen. John McCain challenged then-Sen. Barack Obama. I asked myself that again in 2012 when early on it was obvious Gov. Mitt Romney would be our nominee.

The difference between those races is that Romney eventually earned sincere support from the base. I came to view his understanding of global finance as a critical skill necessary to restore U.S. economic freedom.

I also had to acknowledge a couple of negatives.

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Media fretted in 2008, but death threats against Romney receive little coverage

What a difference your political party makes when it comes to media attention.

In 2008 media pushed stories about death threats to then-Sen. Barack Obama, the Democrat, above the fold.

In 2012, most media have ignored ongoing death threats against Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney.

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Romney blows up Politico’s past insult; Americans find a president

The Republican National Committee followed up Romney's debate win with the video 'Smirk.' (RNC)

On Wednesday as GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney dominated the first presidential debate on domestic policy, the Left reeled as the Right watched with a mix of wonder and joy. By mid-debate, if not earlier, it was obvious Romney would own the night.

The governor achieved a sort of social justice for Main Street, within the government-allied media complex.

In January after a debate among the GOP Primary candidates, Politico’s Roger Simon wrote a story, “They are not worthy.”

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Media ignore 42 Medal of Honor Recipients’ endorsement for Romney 

Updated on Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 1:51PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

Medal of Honor recipients attending SC Women Honor Valor in 2010 (left to right): Lt. Michael E. Thornton (US Navy SEAL Ret.), MSgt. John F. Baker, Jr. (US Army Ret.) and Col. Charles P. Murray, Jr. (US Army Ret.); Col. Murray died in 2011.You’d think this would have made news around the world. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney has received an endorsement from 42 Medal of Honor recipients.

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Penman X. Rodd vs. The Stench

A distinguished journalist has attempted to commit suicide after a head injury sustained in a freak accident. The US Report has the exclusive.

Penman X. Rodd may be the most influential journalist you never heard of. Rodd is the big rod on staff (according to two females who do not want to be identified for obvious reasons) at The Washington Papers, a print only publication with subscriptions starting at $5,000 a year. TWP is popular with lobbyists, select politicians and entertainers.

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WaPo’s Journolist founder wrong: Romney didn’t “admit” middle class tax hike 

In response to untrue ads about Romney's tax plan, the Crossroads PAC distributed a video.

NO THINKING PERSON WOULD TAKE the founder of Journolist seriously when it comes to truth in politics. Ezra Klein, who herded media into group think via his Listserv in 2008, wrote a column with this title at The Washington Post:

Mitt Romney admits he’ll need to raise taxes on the middle class

Romney didn’t admit that because it isn’t true.

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Romney gets drilled while Obama gets pass on ’60 Minutes’

Gov. Mitt Romney didn't get the sweet deal '60 Minutes' gave President Barack Obama. (Photo: Romney campaign)Did you watch the 60 Minutes interviews with President Barack Obama and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Sunday?

I admit I didn’t expect much from an alphabet network. I did notice a striking contrast in questions asked of the two candidates.

Romney got drilled on those famous “specifics” no one drilled Obama on in 2008 and no one’s drilling Obama on in 2012.

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Search titan hearts Obama with ad promo on front news page; lemons for Romney

The 5th headline and link on the Google News Home page point to President Barack Obama's TV ad on YouTube. *The US Report added the red arrow for the reader's convenience.* [Screen Snip of Google News page excerpt; 9-20-12]Most conservatives view Google and other major Web entities as aligned with the Democrats’ Big Government platform. President Barack Obama enjoys Google largesse—employees and others associated with the company have ponied up more than half a million dollars to get him reelected. *

On Friday as media began to spread the word GOP nominee Mitt Romney had filed his 2011 tax returns, the Google News page featured a slew of headers at the top.

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