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Entries in Obamacare (109)


HIT tax in ObamaCare expected to drive up premiums even more

Photo: Debora Cartagena/CDCIn the massive Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act popularly called ObamaCare, health insurance companies will be taxed based on their net premiums written in the fully-insured market. What does the HIT tax mean for consumers?

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and John Barrasso (R-Wy.) believe the tax comprising Section 9010 would send premiums “skyrocketing for America’s small businesses and families.”

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Expert weighs federal “boatloads of money” vs. higher costs for states in Medicaid expansion

Charles Blahous is a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center and public trustee for Medicare and Social Security. (Photo: Mercatus Center at George Mason University)Governors across the U.S. are making decisions about whether to expand Medicaid to cover more poor people or to move them into federally funded health exchanges. After the 2012 elections, some governors surprised their states by reversing positions on the expansion.

The Supreme Court decision on the ObamaCare Tax Bill—affirming the individual mandate could stand if it was repositioned as a tax rather than a penalty—made Medicaid expansion optional.

Charles Blahous, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center (George Mason University) and public trustee for Medicare and Social Security, analyzed choices facing the states.

Either way, higher costs are coming.

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Obamacare’s IPAB – Death to the Constitution, Death to Patients

By guest contributor Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

In times past, the elderly were viewed as an asset. The ObamaCare Tax Bill is not, in the opinion of many who actually read the bill, senior-friendly. This 1976 photograph showed an elderly female as she was receiving a vaccination by a public health clinician during the nationwide swine flu vaccination campaign, which began October 1, 1976. (Photo: CDC, 1976)The Independent Payment Advisory Board, or IPAB, is one of the lesser known features of “healthcare reform” tucked away in the thousands of pages of the “Stimulus Bill” from 2009 and the healthcare law passed in March 2010.

Just exactly what is IPAB and how does it affect your life and health, and your access to medical care? And how does IPAB fit with our Constitutional Republic and our guarantees to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” under the U.S. Constitution?

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The ObamaCare Tax Bill: Beehive of Stings You Weren’t Expecting

By guest contributor Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.

Photo: Africanized honeybees by Scott Bauer, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Bugwood.orgMany promises were made to different groups to sell the new healthcare law to a skeptical public. Having watched the medical insurance games–government and private–for my whole career, I thought these promises were too good to be true.

What is coming to light now is like “The Big Con” that Robert Redford’s character skillfully pulled off in the classic movie The Sting. Only the Pelosi-Reid-Obama trio forced through an even bigger “Sting” on the entire country, especially the very constituencies they promised their healthcare law would help.

One by one, the political promises fall like dominoes. The very groups that strongly supported government control of healthcare are now some of the ones getting stung badly. The effects are like a swarm of killer bees suddenly descending on the unsuspecting, stinging everyone in sight.

Our personal New Year’s sting was a 22.5% jump in my husband’s Medicare supplemental premium for the 2013 renewal. Reason: Obamacare regulations and mandates.

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Democrats, Obama and Reid refuse to cooperate with Boehner as debt increases

Democrats' obstruction suggests the party is not concerned about U.S. debt. (Screen snip: National Debt Clock)Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has the toughest job in the nation right now. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid appears uninterested in compromise on a money plan for the nation. Reid told media Boehner’s latest proposal wouldn’t pass the Senate although Boehner has basically put forth a plan formerly backed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

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Central Planners’ Miscalculations Have Consequences 

By guest contributor G. Keith Smith, M.D.

Will There Be Any Physicians Left To Implement Obamcare?

Photo: Centers for Disease Control/U.S. GovernmentAfter the election, the victors are exulting that ObamaCare is here to stay, and that the “best is yet to come” as their glorious plans to “fundamentally transform America” can proceed.

In their intellectual arrogance, the power-seekers have left a key variable out of their calculations: human behavior. Their predictions, for example, of increased revenue from increased taxation, are based on “static analysis.” They assume that people will not change their behavior, as when they think they are being robbed.

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Is Democrat operative Carville unaware ObamaCare Tax Bill cut Medicare?

Photo: Medicare/U.S. GovernmentJames Carville was on CNN on Monday, talking about the latest buzz issue “the fiscal cliff.” Carville brought up Medicare, a program perpetually targeted for cuts or reforms, depending on your opinion, by both parties.

Carville missed the Medicare boat on a couple of key points.

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After passing 20 new taxes, will Democrats hike income tax rates in back room deal?

In a new report, Dr. Tom Coburn, U.S. senator from Oklahoma, found almost $70 billion in potential savings. (Photo: Coburn Senate website)There was virtually no transparency in the passing of the ObamaCare Tax Bill, with Democrats opting to put a new federal program in place that will create unprecedented debt. The bill is so obscure and so deceptively written that President Barack Obama’s administration ended up giving labor unions a waiver for a tax that would have affected those unions’ health insurance plans.

Will Republicans cave to Democrats who are now lining up a deal for income tax hikes?

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Now we all get healthcare, right?

Guest editorial by  G. Keith Smith, M.D.

After the election, a lot of people are excited that they can now get healthcare. Or maybe not quite yet, but by 2014, when ObamaCare is fully implemented.

The only problem is that healthcare is not like an Obama phone. The phones are all made by a standard process in a factory, probably in China, and they usually work.

You can use them to call a healthcare provider. But you usually get the “If this is an emergency, hang up and dial 911,” followed by the phone menu.

How will this change with ObamaCare? Doesn’t that give you a right to care?

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