What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Startling moment at UN as Netanyahu says if forced, “Israel will stand alone”

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Frame grab: Fox News)I can’t watch Benjamin Netanyahu speak without being mesmerized. Maybe it’s the voice made for public speaking. Maybe it’s the earnestness. More likely it’s the timbre in the voice coupled with the knowledge Israel must feel very vulnerable right now.

There’s a personal element for me as well. Much of my heritage, my faith, and classical education comes directly from the Jewish faith, as it does for many Christians my age. Some may sneer at that statement; I don’t care because it’s true.

As Netanyahu looked at members in the assembly, there was a point in his address when he said, “Israel will not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons…If Israel is forced to stand alone, Israel will stand alone.” He said that in doing so, Israel would be defending “many, many others.” That nuanced statement references other Mideast countries who are also concerned about Iran’s objectives.

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Low expectations for Obama’s Israel trip, with Iron Dome and PA prisoners on agenda

Map: CIA World Fact BookPresident Barack Obama has met with both Jewish and Arab-American leaders in the U.S. ahead of his planned visit to Israel. The president will reportedly travel there between March 20-22.

Obama is expected to hold a joint press conference with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama will also meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

On the agenda are a look at the Iron Dome system and the status of Palestinian prisoners.

Most pundits have expressed low expectations for the trip.

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Ahead of Purim, Netanyahu evokes Esther, displays resolve on Iran

The video of Netanyahu’s speech to AIPAC can be viewed at 'The Jerusalem Post'. [Screen snip from video]Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke to the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday evening, evoking the story of the heroine Esther ahead of Purim.

Esther was a perfect symbol for the threat Israel faces at present, largely from Iran. The story of the ancient heroine is a tale of politics mastered by a female to save her people.

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Netanyahu politely but firmly sets Obama straight

Old City of Jerusalem from CIA World Fact Book/US Government. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set President Barack Obama straight on a matter of contention about Obama’s speech on Thursday. Appearing with Obama after they’d met, Netanyahu declared in a polite but firm manner that Israel will most definitely not go back to 1967 borders in negotiating peace terms with Palestinians.

Netanyahu had first thanked the president and First Lady Michelle Obama for their “gracious hospitality” during this visit. That hospitality sharply contrasted with what most perceived as a snub of the Israeli PM during a prior visit to Washington.

In a speech on Thursday, Obama endorsed the idea of Israel reverting to the 1967 borders.

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