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Entries in racism (27)


Reports of uber-racist employed by DHS appear to be true

Snip: War on the HorizonWhen I first saw comments on social media about an uber-racist working at the Dept. of Homeland Security, the claims were so outrageous I doubted their truth.

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Animal rights activists lambaste Oprah on crocodile bag in Zurich racism affair

To make a handbag like Oprah wanted to see for potential purchase, the crocodile must be dead so the hide can be removed. (Photo: Cropped/ Library of Congress; Matson Photo, 1936)When I wrote about emerging details in Oprah-Gate, I said I was appalled at the prospect of Oprah Winfrey paying $38,000 for a purse made from an animal’s hide. Why?

Oprah’s politics run far left and she’s been recognized for advocating for animal rights. Seems like a double standard, especially when you consider what PETA thought of the wealthy celeb.

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Who lied about Oprah-Gate—talk diva or the sales clerk in Zurich?

Still shot from video of Oprah interview with Entertainment Tonight. It was a lively conversation I had with a few intimates about the dustup in Zurich. I decided early on we weren’t getting the full story from the talk show queen who claimed a sales clerk had a racist moment.

A dear one disagreed—Europe is racist, just like America.

Official story line: Oprah went into a tony boutique in Zurich and asked to see a very expensive handbag. As in 35,000 Swiss francs. In American bucks, that would be $37,844.1793 according to my handy Yahoo currency converter.

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Democrats’ fears over turnout in 2014 drive racially divisive tactics

Turnout in presidential elections—general—is higher than turnout in elections involving congressional and local races or midterms, and Democrats feel the impact more keenly than the GOP.

The upcoming 2014 midterms are no exception and that’s one reason President Barack Obama is indirectly hitting the stump at present, making speeches about jobs, the economy and his healthcare plan (more aptly, a health tax plan). The president tosses in anti-Republican dogma for good measure. The double edge there is that the president is covered by taxpayer dollars for these events.

The backstory running through Obama's speeches rests on racial rhetoric inspired by the likes of Al Sharpton.

The influential Cook Political Report provided an excellent analysis of the landscape for 2014 in the essay, The GOP’s built-in midterm turnout advantage. One point is especially important:

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Defaming the GOP: NBC’s Chuck Todd memes racist rhetoric

NBC's Chuck Todd memes racism charges against the GOP. (Screen snip: The Weekly Standard video)No one in her right mind expects MSNBC’s Chuck Todd to say good things about Republicans. However, Todd recently stooped to a new low—as low as what your kitty buries in the litter box or yard—with a comment he made about Republicans.

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U.S. traditions: Dems repeat racism meme for political gain

Video: In this 2008 forum, President Barack Obama bashed President George W. Bush and Republicans. Leftist policy, even with the huge gains Dems made in 2006, haven’t worked out well for Main Street. (YouTube video)

Splattered across the Drudge Report on Tuesday: “'You are so white, you are extremely white'...Religious attack...”

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As Maher, other celebs wallow in imagined racism, teens die in the streets

Comic Bill Maher said Matt Drudge is a racist. (Screen snip from video at The Daily Caller)Bill Maher recently declared Matt Drudge is a racist because he ran some photos of black celebs on his news page.

As Maher and other celebs,  including some high profile black Democrats, imagine racism on every corner, teens are dying in the streets, but racism has nothing to do with it.

A shooting occurred in Nashville on Saturday night in the same neighborhood where 17 year old Antwand Covington was killed the previous Saturday as he arrived at a Sweet 16 party.

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NBC medical editor’s genetic defects and abortion statement is 79 years old

Activities of "NSV", welfare organization of the Nazi party (the National Socialist German Workers’ Party) in Germany in the era before and during World War II, included caring for babies deemed worthy of keeping. (Photo: Library of Congress)NBC chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman talked about the use of abortion to eliminate a child that might have a medical disorder. Snyderman defended her position on NBC Today—“Well, I’m pro-science, so I believe that this is a great way to prevent diseases.”

Snyderman’s position isn’t new.

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Yale lecturer skews facts on Trayvon Martin death

Al Jazeera commands a global audience frequently subjected to verbal assaults on America. Most columns are written by Leftist ideologues. A recent column about the death of Trayvon Martin is a perfect example of a Leftist on steroids, a man in too great a hurry to bother with facts.

The writer is a lecturer in English at Yale University.

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