What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Entries in South Carolina (20)


Per Diem

One of the poems I've been working on when my mind is too weary to write politics. The photo below shows the place that inspired the poem.

Per Diem

Your body forgets the cold—long lines above the fold
of winter. You may remember the frost fondly,
settling in towards morning on azalea and liriope,
sheen set by first light scattered over miles traveled
in these parts as a child out of step
with rhythms of the common world.

Old flesh wants distance and intimacy at the same time,
seeks the improbable while pushing the inevitable aside,
knowing the cold comes soon enough in a line
stretching far beyond—even outwitting—the eye.

(Kay B. Day/2012)


GOP focused on New Hampshire; real prizes lie in Dixie

For three decades, the winner of the Republican Primary in South Carolina has gone on to win the nomination.Who knew so many Republican candidates would stay in the race for the 2012 nomination this long? I’d become so accustomed to a full stage at these debates that I was actually surprised when Rep. Michele Bachmann suspended her campaign.

I was positively shocked when media first reported Texas Gov. Rick Perry was returning to his home state—some bloggers claimed he was suspending his campaign. The claim about Perry was false; Perry is understandably staying the course.

At this point, the only official event in the candidate selection process has been the Iowa caucuses.

New Hampshire has a mixed record on actually picking the nominee.

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Obama has 'Bush moment' and a double standard on Boeing

Boeing [NYSE: BA] and Jakarta-based Lion Air announced a commitment for the airline to order 201 737 MAXs and 29 Next-Generation 737-900 ERs (extended range). The agreement also includes purchase rights for an additional 150 airplanes. Pictured here is an artist’s image of a Boeing 737 MAX in Lion Air livery. [Photo and caption courtesy of Boeing]Media aren’t likely to do 24/7 loops of President Barack Obama’s ‘Bush moment’ in Bali, and comedy shows probably won’t ridicule Obama for it either. Furthermore, media won’t call Obama out for a double standard when it comes to Boeing and that famous ‘creating jobs” line the president tosses at every turn.

They should.

Business Insider reported the president’s gaffe:

“Obama and his party had difficulty opening a door to enter the official signing of a massive aircraft deal between Boeing and Indonesia's Lion Air.”

A Secret Service agent got the door open in seconds.

Obama was in Bali and took an opportunity for a media moment because Boeing just got a new order worth celebrating. According to Boeing corporate:

“Boeing (NYSE: BA) and Jakarta-based Lion Air today announced a commitment for the airline to order 201 737 MAXs and 29 Next-Generation 737-900 ERs (extended range). The agreement also includes purchase rights for an additional 150 airplanes.”

Media likely won’t point out the Obama administration is blocking more than 1,000 new jobs at Boeing’s facility in Charleston, S.C.  The Times and Democrat (Orangeburg, S.C.) pointed to an article in The Seattle Times about Obama’s obstruction of those jobs:

“In its complaint, the NLRB is attempting to reverse a U.S. investment by the nation's No. 1 exporter 17 months after the company decided to make it - after the money has been spent, after the equipment is set up and after 1,000 workers have been hired. In South Carolina, assembly of the first 787 is scheduled to begin this summer. For the government to demand now that the company move everything to another state shows no sense of practical reality."

A number of conservatives believe the Obama administration is hostile to states that do not have forced unionism laws.

The Labor Union Report website said one group, the South Carolina Conservative Action Alliance,” is calling upon viewers to Stand With Boeing by urging viewers to sign a petition to ‘stand with elected officials who will fight this outrageous attempt by supporters of labor unions to intimidate private companies.’”

Boeing isn’t the only company under fire from the Obama administration. Gibson Guitar has been targeted through interpretations of obscure language in amendments to the Lacey Act. The administration’s attack on Gibson suggests a policy that seeks to nurture foreign jobs rather than those at home.

The Obama administration has blocked jobs by halting a decision on the Keystone XL  pipeline because Obama is putting his party and his reelection bid above the interests of his country. The Gulf Oil industry has yet to recover from Obama’s kneejerk reaction to the BP spill.

Meanwhile Obama has been campaigning on taxpayer dollars, blaming Republicans for refusing to commit to another Stimulus bill aimed largely at union workers.

Thus far legacy media refuse to admit the Obama administration is more effective at killing jobs than creating a climate that encourages private sector jobs.

No president can actually “create” private sector jobs in a free society.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Nov. 18, 2011)


Obama says Pelosi, who said SC plant should shut down, is the ‘best’

President Barack Obama recently called Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) “one of the best Speakers of the House this country ever had."


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DeMint Presidential Forum a format to imitate

Sen. Jim DeMint and Rep. Tim Scott wait to speak at Red State Gathering held in Charleston. South Carolina is a key primary state, one reason political events are abundant there ahead of 2012. (Photo by Kay B. Day)Sen. Jim DeMint’s Presidential Forum gave each GOP candidate the opportunity to respond to questions on issues ranging from the Federal Reserve to Immigration. I watched as much as possible, but between the breakaways for commercials and other interruptions, I ended up just watching as much as possible rather than taking the notes I usually take.

So I have some gut reactions to the candidates I actually got to see and I regret that I didn't get to see them all.

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Perry cancels participation in SC GOP forum to attend to Texas wildfires

Photo State of Texas Forest ServiceThe state of Texas is burning, with the state forest service responding on Sunday to 63 new fires that have burned 32,936 acres. The Texas Forest Service said, “Strong winds and low relative humidity from Tropical Storm Lee caused numerous wildfires to spread rapidly yesterday.” Of Texas’ 254 counties, 251 are reporting burn bans.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry was supposed to participate in the DeMint Presidential Forum in Columbia at 3 p.m. on Monday. Perry has advised media he must be in Texas because of the wildfires.

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South Carolina anti-foreign law bill justified by court cases

New study determines Islamic sharia law is utilized in courtrooms across the country – in violation of constitutional rights.

Image of copy of the US Constitution from the Library of Congress.The South Carolina state legislature is considering a bill that would bar foreign laws – such as Islamic sharia law – from conflicting with U.S. and state laws. Opponents of the legislation claimed that such a bill is unnecessary as sharia law would never be used in violation of American laws and argued that such a law would be unconstitutional. They are wrong on both counts.

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Anti-foreign law bill will protect all S.C. citizens

SC Senate bill 444 does not violate rights of Muslims, though Jihadists would have us believe otherwise.

The SC Senate is currently debating legislation that would ban the enforcement of foreign and religious laws - including Islamic sharia law – but opponents claim the bill would violate the constitutional rights of Muslims. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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No pass for Carolina senator on racial remarks

Sen. Robert Ford made racial comments during a state committee hearing on immigration. (Screen snip from video at WLTX TV, Columbia).

Big media might give SC state senator Robert Ford—a Democrat—a pass on racial remarks during a state senate judiciary committee hearing. The blogosphere, on the other hand, should not.

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