What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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Entries in Texas (14)


Activist who may be jailbird laments over another activist’s arrest for bank robbery

Snip from Dallas Morning News; Nov. 21, 2007.Media likely won’t make much ado about an immigration activist’s arrest on bank robbery charges.

What’s interesting is that another activist, Carlos Quintanilla, was interviewed by a local TV station whose reporter didn’t ask a very important question.

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Muslims rally at state capitols, but controversy arises in Texas

Frame from a video about Muslim Capitol Day in Florida. (Snip: Bedier TV)A rally for the faithful in any religion is nothing new to Americans, one possible reason that Muslim Capitol Day didn’t draw much attention from media.

Muslims rallied on Feb. 28 in capital cities like Tallahassee (Fla.) and Austin (Texas) as part of a national effort to raise awareness about the political process and encourage people to be engaged.

Little reportage followed these events, but in Texas, one speaker’s comments sparked controversy.

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Hope comes from Texas: Cruz victory a bright spot in 2012 Senate, Oval Office outcomes

Photo: U.S. SenateThere weren’t many bright spots for Republicans in the 2012 Senate races and certainly not in the race for the White House. Personally, I didn’t have much hope as far as increasing GOP numbers in the Senate. Why? The candidates. I knew a number of them, including the candidate from my home state of Florida, would not win their seats.

Ah, well, the campaign people and strategists got paid no doubt. There’s that.

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Schieffer’s freakout over Cain ad typical of big media treatment of GOP candidates

Bob Schieffer interviewed GOP presidential frontrunner Herman Cain on Sunday morning, and even though nothing of substance emerged, salient points were made.

Schieffer, like numerous status quo Republicans, is having a difficult time wrapping his head around Cain’s current frontrunner status.

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Obama’s November moment: What Perry supporters (and naysayers) can learn

Americans live by the bite—not just pizza but news. Most forget the making of recent history and that group includes reporters.

Today as I heard from a few supporters of Texas Governor Rick Perry, I thought of President Barack Obama’s campaign, specifically November, 2007, when I watched an interview with Obama. That time period roughly corresponds to the point the GOP contenders are at now.

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Healthcare bill outrage: Today in Massachusetts, coming soon to your state

In 2009 as many as 49,000 Massachusetts residents were fined for either not having health insurance or—this is the thorn on the political rose—not having the right health coverage.

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Perry does Perry on Fox & Friends; jobs record confirmed by Bloomberg

Texas Gov. Rick Perry talked to the Fox & Friends crew on Friday and he was engaging, informative and decisive—the exact opposite of what we’ve seen in most debates. During that visit as with others, Perry simply did Perry instead of trying to conform to whatever image his handlers are suggesting he project.

Perry is an enigma when it comes to formal debate. 

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Gov. Rick Perry is a Christian and the Missus is at the fair

OMG! Texas Gov. Rick Perry is a Christian.

Guess what else? Former Gov. Mitt Romney is a Mormon!

Somebody go fetch an imam.

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Freakout over Not-Rick-Perry’s rock but yawn over White House rapper and NBPP?

How fast can you say skewed double standard?

I can’t believe the hoopla about a rock on some hunting turf Rick Perry’s family has rented for how many years?

Perry doesn’t even own the rock. If you think about it, he couldn’t have legally removed the rock. Someone in his family actually painted over what someone else painted on that rock long ago. But media has been obsessed with the N-word painted on the rock by a long ago somebody.

We have a media freakout over Not-Rick-Perry’s rock.

However, we barely heard a yawn over a controversial rapper who was invited to the White House by President Barack Obama. And we heard not even a sigh when some photos surfaced showing the president and New Black Panthers together at a public event.

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