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Obamacare deluge: Twitter flooded by lowdown on the shutdown and putdowns 

On Twitchy, directly beneath this snip, snips from users in states around the nation indicated the exchange site had crashed. (Snip: Twitchy)As Monday evening crawled to an end, political junkies on Twitter debated the pending government shutdown, and putdowns flew across cyberspace like a shower of meteors.

The term #HarryReidsShutdown trended for hours, with Republicans mocking the ageing, defiant Senate head for his uncompromising stance on various offers put forth by the House GOP. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) appeared to have forgotten the legal power of the purse resides in the House.

One user named Woot took a special interest in tweets from The US Report:

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Emerging via Twitter: Organizer and activist team up in response to guards at ‘The Butler’

Snip: Regal Entertainment GroupSunday on Twitter this time of year is often filled with sports talk, but yesterday a drama of sorts developed after reports there were armed guards posted at a showing of the film The Butler at a Regal theater in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Tiffany─@msflowerstweets─tweeted, “The almost entirely black audience of #TheButler was subjected to watching the film while armed guards faced the audience. Why?”

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Juvenile corrupted by Weiner and Rivera, but covers privates in Tweet

You knew it would happen. Once former N.Y. Democrat and U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner sent his nakedness out into the Twittersphere, others followed suit. News guy Geraldo Rivera, also a Democrat, Tweeted his semi-nakedness.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered our 8 month old puppy following suit. Maybe Bearsie can run for mayor since Weiner is running for mayor of New York.

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NSA: Find all you need to know on Twitter and in secret 'Early History'

Photo: Snip/NSAThe latest outrage over domestic espionage is nothing new. A precursor to the National Security Agency sparked controversy in its past and the current agency will likely face it again in the future.

Some of the funniest and most enlightening tidbits of information can be found on Twitter where one individual asked how NSA might monitor the Amish.

The background on how the agency formed—the NSA moniker became official under a Democrat, President Harry Truman—is recounted in a fascinating work by NSA historian George Howe, The Early History of the NSA. The majority of text in that formerly secret work was declassified in 2007.

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Watchdog digs: Judicial Watch opens investigation into IRS scandal

Judicial Watch posted this on Twitter to announce an investigation into the IRS scandal.Via Twitter, government watchdog Judicial Watch announced it is opening an investigation into the IRS scandal.

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ObamaCare update: Actor Jake McClain Tweets bill as Dems prepare for more fallout

Actor Jake McClain is Tweeting every word in the ObamaCare Tax Bill. (Snip: @JakeMcClain)The ObamaCare Tax bill may be the biggest favor Democrats have ever done the Republican party. A quagmire of regulations, more than a dozen new taxes and arcane language in the legislation point to chaos, confusion and nasty surprises for those of us not in the federal political class.

Actor Jake McClain gets it.

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‘Threat’ to Woodward lights up Twitter-Sphere in latest Obama-drama

Updated on Thursday, February 28, 2013 at 12:31PM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

The latest Obama-drama continued on Thursday as the Twitter-Sphere crackled with quips about threats to journalist and author Bob Woodward. The threats stemmed from reports about a White House official telling Woodward he would “regret” claims made about President Barack Obama’s sequester, and “moving the goalposts” when it came to “revenue”, more commonly called taxes.

Woodward told Politico about the dustup, including an email from said WH official who told Woodward, “I think you will regret staking out that claim.”

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Media fretted in 2008, but death threats against Romney receive little coverage

What a difference your political party makes when it comes to media attention.

In 2008 media pushed stories about death threats to then-Sen. Barack Obama, the Democrat, above the fold.

In 2012, most media have ignored ongoing death threats against Republican nominee Gov. Mitt Romney.

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Redux 2008: Leftists allegedly false flag conservative Twitter users

Twitchy screen snip of Leftist admitting falsely flagging a user on Twitter. TUSR removed personal identification from the snip although the Leftist would likely not do the same for anyone on the Right.Conservatives on Twitter are witnessing 2008 redux—ahead of the presidential election that year, Leftists used the flag button on Blogspot to falsely accuse anti-Obama bloggers of SPAM. That year, the flaggers hit blogs on both the Right and in the Clinton camp on the Left.

This happened to a blog I wrote then—the subject wasn’t even politics. I blogged about writing and wrote about a character assassination of a conservative writer by high profile Leftist media.

My blog was restored after several days, but that experience is one reason I pay to host this site at Squarespace. I no longer use Blogspot for any writing.

Now the same thing is happening again.

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