What senator stood up to more than 90 countries, successfully defending U.S. sovereignty before the Supreme Court? Answer.

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More ObamaCare scandal: Administration snubs Senate on MLR regulation

Before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) was shoved through the back door by Democrats in the US Senate, I wrote columns telling readers why I thought the bill was an insult to the US consumer. I actually read that long, boring and often obscurely written bill, unlike almost every Democrat who helped pass it.

Since that time hundreds of waivers have been given to government cronies who realized what the requirements would cost their employees—this was after the same cronies lobbied hard to get the bill passed. Now there's another ObamaCare scandal but legacy media will probably ignore it.

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Thorpe dives into race for US Senate seat, brings listening tour to Jacksonville

Dr. Marion Thorpe was a popular figure at the Republican Liberty Caucus national convention in Jacksonville this weekend.

(Jacksonville, Fla.)—Dr. Marion Thorpe had a hard time breaking away from guests at the Republican Liberty Caucus national convention at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Jacksonville. He’s an easy person to talk to and he knows how to listen. As both a doctor and healthcare administrator, Thorpe brings a unique set of skills to the table where the costliest, most vital issue is healthcare, especially in his home state of Florida. “We can’t fix the economy,” he said, “until we get a grip on healthcare.” As insurance premiums and medical costs skyrocket, that’s a perspective most of us can appreciate. Healthcare costs are an issue for small businesses and for large ones like the big three automakers. Perhaps more than any candidate, Thorpe has solid credentials on this issue. [Click link below photo to continue reading.]

Dr. Marion Thorpe talked to many guests at the Republican Liberty Caucus National Convention.

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Rubio didn’t ask committeewoman to leave meeting; says record clear on immigration

(Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)—Former speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Marco Rubio responded to our request for information about GOP committeewoman Lisa Rader being asked to leave an event where he spoke. We wrote about that in our column Mar. 16.

Former speaker of the Florida House Marco Rubio's political plans are the subject of much speculation. [Photo from Marco Rubio website.]At our invitation, Rubio responded, “I do not know Ms. Rader, and was not responsible for asking her to leave. I believe the management of the establishment did, but not because I asked them to.” His assertion corresponds to Rader’s claims on that point. Rubio continued, “My position on immigration is clear and well defined.” Rubio also defined his approach.

The former speaker specifically noted two tenets of his platform: “1. I believe we must improve border security dramatically; 2. I do not support Amnesty or any other effort to legalize the status of people who entered the U.S. illegally or who entered legally and have since overstayed their visa.”

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Did hosts kick politico from GOP meeting in Ft. Lauderdale over immigration questions?

Updated on Friday, June 28, 2013 at 10:17AM by Registered CommenterKay B. Day, Editor

Marco Rubio, according to The Miami Herald, has "quietly" registered as a candidate for the U.S. Senate. [Photo from media kit/Marco Rubio website.]When political strategist Lisa Rader began to ask former Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives Marco Rubio questions about immigration during a March 14 event, she was asked to leave the meeting.

(Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.)—Political strategist and GOP committeewoman Lisa Rader attended a meeting hosted by the Latin American Republicans of South Florida at the Blue Martini Lounge on Mar. 14, and once the evening’s speaker Marco Rubio finished, she began to ask questions. Those questions resulted in what sounds like a hostile invitation to leave the meeting.

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